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What’s Your Biggest Turn-on Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

Ever wondered what makes you sexually attracted to certain types of people? Each of the twelve astrological signs possesses different personality traits but they also has their own specific turn-ons that get them all fired up in the bedroom. Whether you’re interested in finding out more about yours or your partner’s zodiac sign, astrology can surely help you spice up your current relationship and bring you closer together. Scroll down the list, find your zodiac sign and discover what turns you on!


People born under the sign of Aries are energetic, active, quick-tempered and very passionate. The way to their heart is through their head. Aries people appreciate someone who is straightforward, sincere, smart and has a good sense of humor. However, they also love challenges, adventure, and excitement, so playing hard to get usually works. Aries wants a bold partner that can talk dirty and is not afraid to experiment and shake things up in the bedroom.


Taureans are stable, dependable individuals who appreciate all things beautiful. They enjoy good food and want to be surrounded by luxury. When it comes to love and relationships, they are very old-fashioned – they like to pampered and appreciate sweet romantic gestures. Slow touches and soft kisses on the neck will make Taurus melt in your arms. Add a luxurious gift or a sensual massage, and you’ve certainly got their attention.


The most effective way to get a Gemini’s blood pumping is to stimulate their brain. Geminis are communicative, intellectual, and social creatures, so if you want to peak their interest you have to be good in conversing. You could recommend a book or argue about something that you both like. These people like a partner who is witty, intelligent, honest and spontaneous. They want to be mentally stimulated, so try to be more communicative with them and you will win their heart.


Cancerians are extremely sensitive and loving individuals who deeply care for their partner. They’re among the most sensual zodiac signs and total suckers for displays of affection and sweet, thoughtful gestures. They will be most turned on by long, deep kisses and slow caresses. A sensual back massage, good food or good conversation can also put them in the mood.


Leos are the Kings of the zodiac – proud and courageous people who like to take initiative and impose their will and vision on everything. They love spontaneity, compliments, attention, and praise – treat them like true kings of the jungle and they’ll be unable to resist you. Leos are usually turned on by back rubs, cuddles, gentle kisses, and playful teasing. They’re attracted to people who have fun and outgoing personalities.


Virgos are perfectionists and control freaks who live by a set of principles and expectations that irritate people close to them. They want someone who is skilled at foreplay and is also imaginative in the bedroom. Meticulous and organized Virgos get seriously turned on by someone who knows how to build suspense and take things slowly. Treat them to a steamy bath or a massage and they will be totally turned on. They are also very talkative, so demonstrate your listening skills and the Virgo won’t be able to get enough of you.


People born under the sign of Libra are charming, romantic and peaceful individuals who love the cliches like candlelight dinner, chocolates, wine, love letters, or flowers. They have a great appreciation for natural beauty and when they spot it they are drawn to it in a powerful way. Libras also appreciate thoughtful compliments on their physical appearance or outfit. They like cuddling and physical contact, but they need to feel a mental connection before the physical.


Scorpio is known as one of the most passionate signs of the zodiac. Scorpios love challenges, so they are often attracted to people who play hard to get. For them, the chase is much more fun than the ultimate destination. Scorpios are mysterious individuals who love the idea of doing something secretive and naughty.


Sagittarians are free spirits and they are usually attracted to spontaneous people with a great sense of humor. They are flirtatious, very confident and a little arrogant, and this definitely shows in the bedroom. Enthusiastic Sagittarians get excited by adventurous souls and athletic types, but they can’t stand controlling and judgemental people. If you keep a positive attitude and share their zest for life, you will surely attract Sagittarius’s attention.


Capricorns are passionate creatures who love the finer things in life. They love someone with class and a bit of mystery to them, so don’t go revealing everything all at once. Capricorns are pretty traditional people and they enjoy good food and shopping for luxury goods. These people are slow and passionate lovers who like to take their time – Capricorns enjoy foreplay more than any other zodiac sign.


Aquarians are creative, eccentric individuals who love mental stimulation, even in the bedroom. They want to get to know their partner through making love. Aquarians are very confident and they’re highly attracted to intelligence – let them know you’re a closet intellectual and deep thinker and you will melt their heart immediately. They’re also suckers for adventurous people who have the ability to bring real passion and excitement in their life.


Pisceans are old-fashioned and hopeless romantics. They are very sensitive, caring, and highly intuitive, so if you’re looking for someone who is understanding and romantic you have met the right person. Nothing turns them on more than well-manicured feet, playful personality, and romantic gestures. These dreamers are not fond of public displays of affection, but they love to have someone to share their depeest feelings and thoughts with.