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The Odds of Each Zodiac Sign to Go Vegan by the End of 2017

Regardless of whether you’re particularly fond of horoscope, you got to admit that you do fancy a little bit of astro-perspective every now and then. You may not believe in daily, weekly, biweekly or monthly horoscope readings, but you do find it fun to read. In addition to all those astrology readings focused on your personality traits, your love life, your job success and your health, we’ve tried to do a different kind of reading for you.

By closely analyzing all 12 zodiac signs, we’ve calculated the odds of each zodiac sign to embrace a vegan lifestyle by the end of the year. For those who are not familiar with the concept, vegan lifestyle is considered to be one of the healthiest (if not the healthiest) kind of lifestyle there is. Veganism is not only a practice of giving up on meat, eggs, honey, diary foods or any animal products or byproducts, but also a practice of abstaining from animals exploitation for human use. Luckily for the animals and animal lovers, the latest statistics show a great increase of the number of people who opted for a plant-based diet and embraced an animals guardian sort of life over the last decade.

Living a cruelty-free life can surely be satisfying, but it does have its own challenges, difficulties and sacrifices. If you were already thinking about it and doing all sorts of research about all the benefits you could gain from this lifestyle, you’re on the right path of becoming a vegan and get directly involved into making the world a better place.

With no further ado, here’s the list of zodiac signs and their odds of going vegan, in order from least to most likely. If you find our prediction for your sign somewhat correct, hit the comment section below and let others know that we do have Sherlock Holmes-like powers of deduction

Taurus: 33%

“The Anti-Vegan”

If there’s a sign that’s least likely to make that big of a change by the end of 2017 just like any other year before and after this one, that’s the stubborn bull. Taurus represents the true gastronomes and food is among the most important things in their life. They will never try to save a single dime on good food, however, they will hardly even consider switching to a healthier, more compassionate lifestyle as well. Although compassion is a familiar feeling to Taurus, these individuals are incredibly slow to change and stubborn. The only way a Taurus can stay true to its representative logo, the “ferocious” bull, is to choose a plant-based diet, just like bulls and cows.

Gemini: 50%

“The Vegan On the Fence”

Gemini representatives are too fickle, too indecisive, very logical and often change their minds, so they are hard to test out a whole new lifestyle for themselves. Although Geminis are imaginative and clever, they are of indecisive nature and transition to a vegan lifestyle can be a years-long process. Also, they are not tune with their own emotions, so they are not very likely to empathize with animals’ journey from living beings to human food. Most of them are superficial and they only care of what’s on the surface. But since Geminis hate the idea of growing old, they ought to know how veganism helps in slowing down the aging process and keeps their youth a lot longer.

Virgo: 54%

“The Conservative Vegan”

As Virgo is known to be utterly skeptical and most conservative of all zodiac signs, the chances of turning into a vegan are not very big, although 55% is a considerable percent. Known for their need to self-sacrifice more often than others, people born under this sign would go on a diet only if they know it’ll do good for them. When it comes to veganism, they think there’s not enough evidence to support all the theories, while in fact, there is too much material to be ignored and too many animals’ lives at stake. Virgos would rather blend in than make a change.

Capricorn: 60%

“The Vegan-Business-Minded Vegan”

This tireless hard-worker seems to never have the time to enjoy good food, however, Capricorn loves a good dish every now and then. Since Capricorn is persistent, ambitious and always focused on achieving their career goals, the only way these individuals can go vegan is if they come up with a plan to make profit out of it. It may be one of the coldest signs of the zodiac and are almost impossible to feel the animals’ struggle, but as soon as they develop a plan to open the first vegan restaurant in their town, Capricorns can become a respectable image for vegan lifestyle.

Leo: 65%

“The Courageous Vegan”

Enthusiastic, warm, broad minded and highly adaptable, Leo never settles for less than what they think they deserve, which most often than not is the most expensive, most luxurious, most prestigious. When it comes to food as well as lifestyle, these individuals can be too selfish to switch to veganism and compromise their food delights. Nevertheless, Leo representatives have a big heart and sometimes can get too emphatic. The most probable reason for Leo to go vegan is to boost their health in order to perfect their body. Also, it could be yet another way for them to get in the center of attention. However, ethical Leos have the power to spread veganism better than any other zodiac sign. Take Gary Yourovsky for example – a Leo vegan who rescued thousands of animals, lectured over 100,000 people in different countries over the world and got arrested over 10 times for doing so.

Scorpio: 69%

“The Junk Food Vegan”

If a Scorpio goes vegan by the end of the year, they will 100% become junk food vegan. Scorpio representatives love fast food, high-calorie food, sugary foods and they love it most at night. Giving up on their favorite meals and clothing options may be hard for them, but since they’re fierce animal lovers, they would think about it as they’re making a sacrifice for the beloved animals. Therefore, they’d much rather go for highly processed foods made in labs that taste like meat or cheese than raw veggies, fruits and nuts. Thanks to their passion for animals, Scorpio makes a great public image for a vegan.

Libra: 74%

“The Peaceful Vegan”

Fairness, balance, freedom, justice and peace – these are some of the things Libras literally live for. Animals, on the other hand, do not enjoy any of these privileges, as they are born and raised for evil human purposes and tortured all throughout their short lives. When Libras realize what happens to the animals we put on plate and refer it to as “my meat”, it’s one of the few times their balance could be shaken by their own will and switch to vegans. Another way for Libra to become vegan is if their partner is one or shows interest into it. Libra representatives may be indecisive, but they know exactly what to do when an injustice is happening under the Sun and we are all able to contribute to making it right.

Sagittarius: 77%

“The Curious Vegan”

Sagittariuses are of curious nature and they basically live for trying out new things in life. Since veganism is trending this year like never before, they are very likely to give it a shot. These individuals usually love animals and when it comes to food, they’d rather try thousands of different diets in their lifetime than settle for the traditional omnivore diet. Therefore, it wouldn’t be hard for a Sagittarius to make the transition. They also hate deceptions, lies and dishonesty, so once they learn the painful truths about the food industry, it’s a sure thing that they become a part of this wonderful movement.

Aries: 80%

“The Confrontational Vegan”

If we had to handle the task of converting the whole world into vegan to one zodiac sign only, we would undoubtedly choose the ram. Aries is a born-leader, action-oriented, fearless, bold, enthusiastic, optimistic and ready to conquer any sort of challenge – what else could you ask for from an animal rights activist? Aries doesn’t care what others think about them and they love to lead the way towards a better future. Since they spare no energy on fighting for what’s right, they can easily get into many confrontations with odds of winning the argument always in their favor.

Aquarius: 86%

“The Visionary Vegan”

The humanitarian Aquarius is always ahead of time and by the end of 2017, they will most certainly be able to clearly see how veganism can actually benefit the world 100 years from now and turn it into a better place for all. The analytical-minded Aquarius representatives are focused on bettering the world more than any other sign from the zodiac and they will literally do everything in their power to do their part. By going vegan, Aquariuses understand that we could save animals, boost our health, help to feed more people by using the resources to feed people not animals and simply save the planet – meat consumption is a great cause of climate change and air pollution. Also, they are known for being eccentric, so they’re never afraid to do something completely out of the blue, like embracing a vegan lifestyle.

Pisces: 89%

“The Compassionate Vegan”

The most compassionate sign of the zodiac is second most likely to go vegan by the end of this year, but it’s the least likely to become an animal rights activist. Pisces cannot stand the idea of harming an innocent being and once they realize that by buying bacon they are actually paying someone to do the harming instead of them, they will give up meat in that same second. Since Pisces are emphatic, they can feel the struggles, the pain and the injustice that humans serve the animals with. Then again, these individuals are capable of living into an imaginative world, so they may fool themselves that there’s nothing wrong with exploiting animals.

Cancer: 92%

“The Emphatic Vegan”

Since veganism has taken over public media by storm, it’s very likely many people to get enlightened and see what actually happens behind the curtains of slaughterhouses and farms. Once a Cancer gets familiar with the cruelty and the injustice that’s happening to animals for thousands of years, they are very likely to make the transition. If you are a Cancer, you know you can relate to this, because there is probably an image of an animal being harmed in front of you that you cannot erase. The caring and protective nature of people born under this sign, as well as their oversensitive side, makes Cancer the most likely sign to go vegan by the end of 2017.