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The 3 Zodiac Signs With The Best Horoscopes On Monday, November 21, 2022

After yesterday’s shift of Vesta into Pisces and the influx of Sagittarius energy coming in, you are craving newness, not just within life, but also within your own self as well.

Today marks the beginning of the Sagittarius Season, which means today is the last of the Scorpio Season until next year.

An important theme of Sagittarius is new beginnings, but with Scorpio, it is the shed and release which will allow that to happen.

The energy today is especially reflective of this as the Moon shifts into transformational Scorpio bringing the Sun and Moon together in this powerful sign.

This is a sign from the universe.

The Sun represents your external self, while the Moon rules your emotions and inner world.

Together both in Scorpio today, on the last day of the season as the Sun moves through the final degrees of this water sign, it is time to take stock to make sure that you are released what you were meant to so that you can embrace the beauty and expansiveness of Sagittarius Season.

Scorpio Season was one that held both eclipses, as well Saturn turning direct while Mars turns retrograde.

It was a time of truly dramatic shifts within your life that were meant to help you become more aware of your lessons so that you could release the parts of yourself and life that you have already outgrown.

This is the nature of Scorpio and today seems like the perfect time to reflect deeply and make sure that you are honoring the important shifts within the universe that will allow you to move into newness.