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The 3 Zodiac Signs With Family Drama During The Moon Sextile Saturn On November 24, 2022

There are certain transits that occur in the cosmos, and by the time their influence reaches us, all that energy does is stir things up.

Saturn transits are troubling as they tend to go negative before they even reach us, but Moon sextile Saturn has an especially weird side-effect for us to experience, and oddly enough, it is the giver of drama.

On this day, November 24, 2022, we will be overreacting to the things and people that are closest to us, namely family.

We can’t help it or, at least certain zodiac signs in astrology cannot help it; we will be poking and prodding our family members, trying to engage them in a ‘friendly’ spar-around-the-block. It really doesn’t matter what’s behind it all, as there’s always ‘something’ behind the actions of a person who stirs up drama where there is no need for it.

During the Moon sextile Saturn, we just want to see if we can get a reaction; we’re bratty and insensitive during this transit. We just want to see if we can get a rise out of some family member who ordinarily doesn’t rise for any occasion.

And, we will be yelled at. As if we are children, which, we are, in this case. We may love our parents or cousins or siblings, etc., but that really isn’t the point today; we’re out for a fight and we won’t take no for an answer.

Being that Saturn is the planet of NO, we should be hearing plenty of that word on this day. So, for those of us who insist on stirring up drama and frantic energy with our families, know this: we will be told to stop again and again. Will we stop? Will we heed that guidance and just quit the drama? We shall see.