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The Epigenetic Duality: Subtly Splitting : alchemy

The expression of genes is dynamic & ever-changing. This is known as epigenetics. an organism may utilize this shuffling of gene expression to metabolize certain compounds, buffer pH, ward off attack, or a number of other situations that arise in the world around us.

Epigenetics is happening all the time, being influenced from the foods that we eat, the amount of blue light and radiation that we take in, right down to the thoughts that we allow to permeate our minds.

OK, so who cares? Shifting gene expression? What does it matter?

For decades, the field of neurobiology considered the brain’s tendency for neurogenesis and the redistribution of brain tissue from lesser used areas as laughable. This phenomenon (as well as others), known as neuroplasticity, is now not only accepted, but is widely studied and has many real world applications

The previous thinking was that only “bottom-up” communication was possible: the brain was capable of changing the mind-projection, but the reverse, “top-down”, to affect the brain, was impossible. Now we know that it is not only possible, but achievable to virtually anyone. This is how the Buddhists monks manage to so easily slip into altered states of consciousness and deep mediation; they’ve reassigned the biomass in their brains to serve a different function.

This can only happen through a change in how the genetic code is read, brought on only by direct focus/conscious intent. Real time, intentional epigenetics, on a macro-scale. There is a lot of information about neuroplasticity online. I would recommend “Train Your Mind, Change Your Brain” by Sharon Begley

Train Your Mind, Change Your Brain

Our minds can alter our physiology, to downright miraculous and unbelievable levels. this process is becoming more potent with each passing moment.Just as the esoteric physiology and occult psychology teach us:

you consciously change your DNA, through meditation and subsequent assimilation of Light afforded by our good friend, the Pineal Gland.

The Pineal Gland has been shrouded in mystery for millennia. Its central positioning & slight stature left humans puzzled about its purpose. Finally, we pieced together that it regulates our circadian rhythms via melatonin production, and we more recently are learning that it is truly the Master Regulator. Descartes signified it as “the seat of the soul”, and the Vedics described it as the third eye. Now we know it not only has photoreceptors in it, but magnetite & calcite crystals capable of piezoelectricity. Magnetic brain crystals capable of harnessing The Light.

The Pineal Gland is a transducer, vibrating with Light & Sound, converting these two base carriers of energy into blue light that regulates circadian rhythm & neurogenesis. This is why the additional blue light from the screens is wreaking havoc on us. Our Pineal Glands are Stellar Antennae, linking each of us not only to the wellspring of metaphysical abundance that is the Sun, but to the greater Cosmos at large. our pineal glands are the structures mediating the Universal rise in consciousness we are being distracted from.

mineral rich water/algae/sea moss/fungus. classical music or meditating frequencies. Intermittent fasting & fasted cardio. Meditation and yoga. Walking barefoot on the Earth & deep breathing through diaphragm. Soaking in Sun & meditating on healing epigenetic effects. This is what we must be focusing on to seize the reins of our genes.

When we walk barefoot on the Earth, we complete the circuit. Electrons from the Earth are able to flow through us and combat the free-radicals assaulting us from the modern lifestyle. Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) and Reactive Nitrogen Species (RNS) run rampant in the poison western diet. We must begin to think of our bodies as systems, inputs and outputs. Why did they get us addicted to these chemical-laden foods? they’re attacking our DNA’s ability to function properly.

The trees are emitting the same terpenes that are in cannabis that relax you. the forests are like mass essential-oil diffusers, right from the source. We need to use the forests, rivers, and Sun to re-wire our epigenetics. everything that is happening right now is an assault on the human genome.

When we do these ecotherapies, we begin to resonate with the heartbeat of the Earth. We dance to the pulse of rhe Universe. This entire fake society has been predicated on removing us from these things & selling them back to us. The heavy metals and free radicals found in the cosmetics, food, water, pesticides, incessant injections, etc are NOT an accident. and the battle is ramping up.

Do you see the connection? How theyre opposite directions? One funneling you down a path of sickness, disease, and transgenerational trauma?

While the other UNDOES the hexes cast by the controllers?

When the true Latent or Subtle energy of the Universe courses through us from our lifestyle and diets, the ailments do not arise.

We need to become active players in this epigenetic battle. You see, I’m going to tell you something. The biological sciences love this idea of most of the genome being “dead” or “junk”.

The genome was never junk. 98% dead/”junk” genes blah blah blah. Thats a backhanded insult they reveled in spreading as Truth. The genes were never junk. they were latent.

Waiting Patiently for the right quality of Light, the right inclination from the Stars, to descend at this time & to Dance to the rhythm they were designed to. Patiently Waiting for the right current to charge them up, the proper beckoning from the depths of space to do what they were intended to do

Yes, the genes are AWAKENING

But our conscious decisions need to kick in. It needs to be nature and nurture. We need to proactively shift the epigenetic battle in our favor.

Focus on your plan for the spring. Read up on these healing eco-therapies. consider altering your diet to improve the GI-Brain microbial axis.

Don’t get wrapped up in the garbage they are going to put on the Tell-a-Vision.

Use Nature & an improved diet to rewire your genetic code! break yourself from the shackles that have bound humanity for thousands of years

This is Alchemy at its core