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10 of Cups Outcome? How would you interpret this spread : Psychic

I’m my quest to reconnect with myself through divination, I’ve started using tarot cards again after not touching it for about 3 years.

The spread I put intention into was:

  1. current situation

  2. action to take

  3. outcome

My question was on a romantic interest. I’d like to think of our journey as twin flames and I don’t use that label lightly.

I was already awakened when I met him but he wasn’t. I know he could feel the most of our pull as best he could but he isnt/wasn’t awakened. In true twin flame style, it really became a runner/chaser dynamic and we’ve been separated for nearly 1 year after being together for 3 years (off but mostly on). I refuse to chase and I’ve always let him come back to me, no waiting around for him just knowing in my gut that the universe would lead us back when it was time.

Maybe it’s Mercury in retrograde (or the first anniversary of our break up) coming up but I’ve been obsessing over him lately. I thought I was okay but now things are bubbling up to the surface and it’s like my feelings haven’t shifted whatsoever, merely repressed. How he’s been and what he’s up to and wanting to check in this energetic pull towards him drives me crazy because I know he wasn’t the partner for my needs at the moment. I simply can’t detach and I think this clearly means there is shadow work to be done as well.

My question in this spread was about what I should do about him – if I can’t shake these feelings for a reason because I know he’ll come back to me like he has before or if I should listen to others telling me this relationship drew a death card.

I shuffled the cards and let 3 fall out. From left to right I received:

  1. current situation – 10 of pentacles (reversed)

  2. action to take – Strength card (reversed)

  3. outcome – 10 of cups

I Interpret this as 1) I’m going through a really hard time and I’ve just started on stability after a lot of travel in the last 4 years and I’m still finding my footing. 2) bc of these vulnerabilities, I’m lacking inner strength, low energy and overall I clearly need to reflect on shadow work and maybe seek professional help (therapy) to get me to a better place. 3) my outcome has the potential for happiness and abundance. Follow my heart, listen to my intuition and let me inner guidance lead the way.

I’m a bit confused because I put intention on this spread to be about this romantic interest but it sounds more like general life outlook for the next few months (which isn’t a bad thing either).

I’d love to hear feedback from more seasoned tarot card readers about this spread and it’s interpretation. I’d appreciate it so much 🥺