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Spiritus mundi : alchemy

Spiritus Mundi

It is said that in the End-Days, all that is secret and hidden would be openly revealed.
Not just the secrets we think we desperately want to uncover, not just the mysteries of Creation, Nature and Art…
But also the secrets so many of us are scared to find out – or to be found out about.
Revelation is a double-edged (s)word, you see… Revelations, like the Words of the Wise, are indeed Destroyers of Worlds.
So, to get this started – here are a few excerpts from ‘The Confession of Trithemius’ (Abbott of Spanheim):
“The Spirit or Divine Breath emanated from the beginning from the Divine Fountain.
This Breath is the Spirit or Soul of the World and is called SPIRITUS MUNDI.
It was at first like air, then condensed into a nebulous substance or fog, and finally transmuted itself into water.
This Spiritual Light which we call Nature or Soul of the World is a spiritual body which may be rendered visible and tangible by Alchemical Processes***.***
But, as it is naturally invisible – it is called Spirit.
It is a living Universal Fluid, diffused throughout Nature, which penetrates everything.
It is the most subtle of all substances; the most powerful, by reason of its inherent qualities; it penetrates every body and determines the forms in which it displays its activity.
By its action it frees the forms from all imperfection; it makes the impure purer, the imperfect perfect and the mortal immortal, by its indwelling.
This essence or Spirit emanated from the beginning, from the Center, and incorporated itself with the substance of which the Universe is formed.
It is the ‘Salt of the Earth’, and without its presence the plant would not grow, nor the field become green.
The more this essence is condensed, concentrated and coagulated in the forms – the more stable they become.
It is the most subtle of all substances; incorruptible and immovable in its essence. It fills the infinities of space.
The sun and the planets are but coagulations of this Universal Principle*; from their beating hearts they distribute the abundance of their life,*
and send it forth into the forms of the inferior world, and into all creatures, acting about their own center and raising the forms on the way of perfection.
The forms in which this living principle establishes itself become perfect and durable, so that they no longer decay nor deteriorate nor change in contact with the Air.
Water can no longer dissolve them, nor Fire destroy them, nor the Terrestrial Elements devour them.
This Spirit is obtained in the same way as it is communicated to the Earth by the Stars*; and this is performed by means of the Water, which serves as vehicle to it.*
*It is not the Philosopher’s Stone, but this may be prepared from it by fixing the volatile.”*My intention with this thread is to suggest a discussion related to the Principles and Archetypal Qualities which are necessary to understand and apply in practice, to manifest the Universal Spirit in tangible form.
I would like to avoid bringing up all sorts of ‘matters’, ‘first matters’ or particular ‘paths’ and ‘recipes’, since there are more than enough threads dealing with those topics.
Although this may be a more philosophical discussion, I’ve posted this thread in the practical section, because it has the potential to lead to practical applications of the insights we might gather here.
I know that many here are fond of quotes from ‘source material’
It would be great for this thread to become a home for quotes from authors dealing directly with the Works of Nature and how they are to be imitated or enhanced by Art, to facilitate this manifestation.
Same goes for images, allegorical or otherwise, which we may find to be connected to this very special Subject.