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Correspondences between Alchemy and South-American Shamanism

Hi everyone ! I had this subject in mind for quite a while, I believe some of you could be interested as it is quite unusual.

I've been experiencing some Shamanism practices on my own, I'm only a humble Human, living in Europe, so I'm really far far away to master the subject. Everything I share is purely theorical, for the sake of curiosity !

For a few years, I've been using Hapé/Rapé, which is a blend of herbs medicines from the South American jungle, usually prepared by indigenous tribes.
It is a kind of tobacco snuff which is blown in your nostrils with a kind of bamboo applicator : the Tepi if you give it to someone, the Kuripe if use it on yourself.
The tobacco used is the Mapacho (Nicotiana Rustica), not the same tobacco plant that is smoked in cigarets (Nicotiana tabacum).
(it is not made to get you "high" , it is used as a spiritual guide and an energetic cleansing)

The blend is made of three composants :
-Mapacho Tobacco (which is seen as the Great Spirit of plants)
-White and well filtered Ashes (coming from many plants of the jungle the Tribe has burned and calcined)
-Some finely filtered plants powder (to add some "character" , "aroma" or "strength" to the mix).

Some of you may already see where I'm going with this : this shamanic medicine remind me of the Spagyric philosophy. Made of three parts, I find it strangely connected with the three Alchemy principles :
-Mercury as the tobacco (the cleansing spirit which act upon your energetic fields and guide you through your life, giving life to the mix)
-Salts as the ashes (obviously still containing the salts)
-Sulphur as the powdered plants (giving a "character" or a "soul" to the mix)

The whole is reunited and then used, traditionnaly, before and after a ritual or ceremony, like Ayahuasca or any other Shamanic trip. It may also be used outside a ritual/ceremony, as a tool to heal your mind, body and soul (I usually use it once or twice a month, to cleanse myself in a spiritual way, in the same way some Alchemists uses Spagyrics to clean themself before moving on to work with the mineral/metallic realm).

I will stop there but there is obviously more to say (such as Ayahuasca that is made with two composants, one "active" and one "passive", one brings the light and the other manifest it, which kinda reminds me of the two principles).
Alchemy is often compared and connected with Hinduism, Ayurvedic, Qabal or many other Eastern/Oriental practices, I find it interesting to see some correspondences with South American practices, as they are obviously not historically connected.

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