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The key to becoming a true master alchemist : alchemy

The key to be a master of alchemy is to be a master self transmutation. For through the connection of self to the connection of all things to the connection of nothingness

To be at one with the nothingness from whence ye come from is to be connected to all physical matter which comes from the nothingness, once there is no difference between nothing and everything within you, you can become a master of nothing and everything including physical material For the source of all physical material is from nothingness From nothingness comes usefulness what is a cup without the nothingness within? You wouldn’t physically exist without the nothingness from whence ye cometh The great paradox is without nothingness there is no space to create anything First become a master of nothing and then you can truly become a master of everything including your physical body and physical material Meditate at least 1 hour every day on nothingness do this every day for 20 years and you will have raised your vibration enough to become a master alchemist Like the true alchemists of old they could transmute mercury to gold using nothing but their mind

This is very real and very possible for anyone to achieve with 100% commitment to knowing their connection to source as the source of all One must come to the realisation that you are The world you previously thought you existed and make no difference and you will not be separate if you’re not separate then you are everything if you are everything and a perfect Harmony with everything your vibration will raise and you will be at one with the physical world For the physical world is nothing but an illusion A projection of consciousness, your consciousness you are the master of your own universe Practice spoon bending, practice meditating on the circular serpent symbol for this symbolises nothingness, infinity, the inner source of consciousness itself and the outer illusionary manifestation cycle of nothingness to somethingness You must be 100% committed to this yet be playful and not insistent Focus on raising your vibration so high you match the vibration of creation itself. Become a master alchemist unconditional love to you all