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Best Lilith Sign Compatibility, According To Astrology

Also called the Dark Moon or the Black Moon, your Black Moon Lilith placement represents the dark side of the moon on its orbital path, and therefore is interpreted as being your inner rebel of sorts. 

Your Lilith sign also represents your sensual side (not the vanilla, but the risqué) and how you wield your seductive powers. 

Have you ever found yourself inexplicably drawn to someone and not known why? That’s Black Moon Lilith for you. 

You don’t consciously feel the presence of your Lilith (or that of another’s). You sense it. And depending on how your Lilith signs interact with each other’s, a polarizing response is evoked. 

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Though more goes into zodiac compatibility than passion, your Lilith sign will tell you just how intense, if not long-lasting, your relationship has the potential to be.

Best Lilith sign compatibility

Lilith in Aries and Lilith in Scorpio

Lilith in Aries is an explosive Lilith placement to have. Mainly because it simmers under the surface (it is the secretive moon, after all) until something sets it off.

That can mean good things… or really, really bad. But that depends on your taste and personal preferences. Let’s just say some people like to be dominated — and Lilith in Aries will happily oblige.

For example, Lilith in Scorpio, who is fazed by nothing — and the world better watch out when these two gangsters get together.