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How To Use Your Child’s Natal Chart To Perfect Your Parenting Style

While it can be hard for children to express what they need from you, looking at your child’s natal chart can help you tailor your parenting style to their unique needs.

Your child’s birth chart has clues stored within it about what they may feel challenged by, what they may need from you emotionally and how you can best parent them to help them become their best self while feeling loved and nurtured.

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By understanding important placements within your child’s birth chart, you can show up as the best parent you can be and even work towards successfully healing generational wounds.  

Important placements in your child’s natal chart 

1. Moon sign: how they process emotions

In astrology, your child’s Moon sign represents their emotional self and how they handle feelings. It will help you understand how connected they are to their emotions, which means that it will also give you clues as to how they process their feelings.

For instance, if your child has an Aries Moon, they may suppress a lot of emotions and you may only see anger or physical outbursts. By understanding their Moon sign you can not only understand why they are behaving a certain way when even they might not fully understand it and be better equipped to teach them the right strategies to express and deal with their emotions.