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The 3 Zodiac Signs Whose Ex Is Thinking Of Them During Venus In Pisces Starting January 27, 2023

If Venus in Pisces had a purpose, it would be to get us thinking about the people we once loved. It’s such a sensitive transit, and because it’s a Venus transit, love will be involved. And, because it’s Pisces, it will be a ‘soft’ remembrance; kind thinking will take place.

There are no grudges being held on this day, nor are there weepy tears for a love that’s gone lost. Today is for warm thoughts of a positive nature. We return to thoughts of loved ones who changed our lives and improved our experience on Earth.

And if we’re thinking about them, they are thinking about us. It’s as if we set up an invisible line of ethereal communication and are tuned into the same frequency. This isn’t the day when our exes are actively mad at us or even thinking bad thoughts about us; this day goes to kindness and sweet memories. So, take heart: if our exes think about us, they are thinking good thoughts.

However, there is something to the date as it sparks the idea of particular exes and zodiac signs. With the help of transit Venus in Pisces, the people we ‘think’ are thinking of us are.

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We know it, we feel it…and while we may not reach out and confirm, it’s good enough to know that that special someone who can no longer be in our lives is out there, having a good old memory, on our behalf.

The three zodiac signs whose ex is thinking of them during Venus in Pisces starting January 27, 2023: 

1. Taurus

(April 20 – May 20)