Thursday, March 23News Written in the Stars

Oh well. I suppose it doesn’t hurt to say this. The World Soul chose you.

I've finally understood that the most preferred magical mode by the World Soul is Alchemy, particularly Western Alchemy (though I don't suppose it's limited to it).

First of all, the World Soul itself occurs as a great rhetoric in ancient alchemical texts. I'm sure most of you know that already. And this is followed by the much fabled book Alchemist by Paulo Bento (the book he was "divinely inspired" to write) in which the World Soul occurs as THE psychospiritual context as well as a very active actual participant in the narrative. There are other obscure fringe counterculture media that depicts Alchemy and the World Soul together. I've never thought of this until now, but this means that the World Itself is most actively involved in this mode of magick in particular, in general as a whole.

Second… humanity today has come to find value and success in what material Alchemy has once valued; gold and longevity. The Alchemists of the ancients may have "failed" (or succeeded but hid their craft, take your pick) but the world has developed to the point where mere "turning lead to gold" would not suffice to explain the massive economic growth the world as a whole has experienced. Our lifespan has since more than doubled, with enormous focus on youth/beauty and actual methods to preserve it. Whereas the seeming thaumaturgical goals of, say, "White Magick" (psychic manifestation) or Astrology (fortune telling) has become rather more occult and obscurer… the thaumaturgical goals of Alchemy (wealth and youth) have been more or less met and is continued to be developed. I mean the world practically revolves around money and youthful beauty standards.

Third, I've intuited that the theme of this world coincides with the Theurgical Goal of Alchemy – Growth & Transformation, to propel man to become more than he once was. I'm not so sure if this was always the case, there are those like in Thelema that says it's because the Aeon has changed. But in any case, the world is now all about self-transformation. Go to any Youtube channel and it's all about self-help, how to live life, how to transform, how to change, how to be better, how to become more than he once was. Each man is expected to do more than just stay in one place and play a confined role. Man himself is expected to grow, expand, and transform – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. This coincides with Nitzsche's Overman or Thelema's Child God notion except… I think the World Soul values the Transformation and Growth part even more so than Independence and Individualization part (though they most often appear together, meaning they're intricately related.)

The World Soul desires to become more than it is, to transform from lead to mithril. It sits between the two pardoxical pillars of self-love and self-transformation, urging us to trust and believe they are not separate but one. Even it doesn't know what the future holds, but it has accrued more Wisdom than us, accumulating data and logic from each and every one of humans. Each of us and our every step to transcend ourselves teaches it, even whether we succeed or not in our own individual craft. Its Will is to eventually become something Entirely New.

So far, that is just the World Soul's Will (and not, say, the Nous or God's Will, depending on your beliefs) so as with always be caring and do what thou wilt with this information.

Also, according to my predictions, the Nigredo of this world is nearing its cusp. May each and every one of us uphold the Great Alchemist's Will to guide this World towards its Transformation and not its demise.

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