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Harnessing the Shift With Heavens’ Cross

A World Service Event

At the end of March 2023 a significant event will occur: Heavens’ Cross.

An important event, welcome to and accessible by everyone, is approaching. Are you feeling the Shift of Consciousness? At the end of March, a vast and significant event will occur: Heavens Cross. This moment of activation and opening is there for you — if you are ready for your limitations to fall away, and if you are willing to explore the Spiritual Being you came here to be.

Join us as we gather around the world to focus on positive change together, invite others!

Live Stream Event

Sunday, March 19 & 26, 11am PST | 2pm EST

Heavens Cross is anchored in supporting you as you find your joy, your ease, and the elevated endless field of Light that is being. Please join the Mastering Alchemy community in respect, love and co-creation as we play in the light together.

We will be livestreaming the event so as many people can join as possible. More information to come so stay tuned and join our email list below for updates.

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Roxane and Jim talk about Heavens’ Cross

More Background

Where this is all headed…

Enjoy this conversation with Jim and Roxane talking further about Heavens’ Cross and what it means for humanity.

A transition in consciousness

What is Heavens’ Cross?

The majority of humans, consciously and subconsciously, have long held the belief that someday we will return to Heavens. That, someday, Heavens will open and we will be able to experience ourselves without fear, judgement, or limitation. This is the journey we now find ourselves on.

The Shift of Consciousness that we’re experiencing is vast and significant. Throughout this shift, there have been points of specific activation, opening and elevating each of us into our individual spiritual growth.

What is the Shift of Consciousness?

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This is what the Mastering Alchemy work has been leading to.

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It’s you exploring and evolving into who you actually are.

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Alchemy is changing the frequency of thought and altering the harmonics of matter, you can then apply the element of Love to create your desired results.

Jim Self – Founder