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Everything you need to know about auras

Decode your aura to radiate good vibes with the help of Spiritual expert TJ Higgs

Before we dive a little deeper, let’s remind ourselves first of what an aura actually is: the energy field that surrounds a person’s physical body, also known as the auric field. This energy field can be affected by our moods and emotional states, but it can also be impacted by the emotional states of others too.

Is our auric field always changing?

The field of energy emits different colours which are associated with different qualities and emotions, and our auric field usually has one or two prominent colours depending on these internal and external factors. For example in a relaxed state, the energy would be moving and pulsing more slowly and with more muted colours. A highly stressful state however, would reveal the colours to be darker and the energy more erratic.

Different energies entering our aura will also impact it. In fact, I have experimented with this myself while having my aura photographed. To start with, my colours were predominantly shades of blues and greens, but when I held my dog while the camera was still recording, immediately, the colours became very gentle yellows. This goes to show that even animals can affect us – music can affect us, and most definitely individuals with their own energy can affect us!

Can we observe our colours?

Unless you happen to be someone who can actually see an aura quite naturally, you’re probably wondering how you can sense what colour your aura is.

Here’s a little exercise you can try: Stand in front of a full length mirror, then focus above your head or maybe on one of your shoulders, let your eyes go out of focus and you will start to see a haze appear around your body. Not everyone will see the colours externally it can be a thought or a knowing that the colour is there. The more you practise this, the better you will become at seeing the energetic field around your body. To see someone else’s aura follow the same principles.  Hold your gaze on them steadily until you start to see the glow around their body, once again the colour may be something you perceive or feel rather than actually seeing it.

How can aura work enhance our spirituality?

Your aura determines the type of energy you attract. Auras transmit your thoughts and emotions. It can make sense of common phrases you might hear in every day life such as ‘you could cut that atmosphere with a knife’ or ‘I can feel your energy and passion’. This often speaks to your aura. Fear attracts fear; love attracts love; success attracts success; emotion attracts emotion. 

By getting to know your aura and the energy you are emitting, it will allow you to understand how auras work, where they come from, how they impact people’s lives, and how they can impact and change you as a person. In addition to affecting relationships, auras can reveal your mood and feelings to others. It’s known that most human communication is carried out through body language rather than spoken language. Auras are extensions of body language. 

What your colours reveal about you

The colours we choose to present to the world are very subjective. We can be like a chameleon. Children often choose the strangest colour combinations if allowed to dress themselves, if you see that in a child just be aware of what they are telling you in their colour choices. If you are presenting yourself perhaps in a job interview, wear blue, as that’s subliminally saying you are a good communicator. If you wear red you are showing you are passionate. If you choose brown you are showing you are stuck and not prepared to move forwards!

There are predominantly 12 Aura colours. Seven of those colours relate to the seven chakras of the human body. However, there are shades of the primary colours that bring the total number to more than 20. 

Your spiritual colour wheel

Red: Associated with feelings of passion and desires, when this colour shows in a person’s aura, it means that they are grounded in their goals for life. A person with red in their aura is both emotionally and psychically grounded or balanced. Red symbolises a zest for life.

Orange: Signifies happiness with friends, family, and environment. A person with a lot of orange in their aura is quick to make and keep friends. 

Yellow: A yellow aura signifies inner happiness and balance. Yellow can also indicate a playful spirit, high self-esteem, a spiritual awakening, high intellect, or ambition for greatness.

Green: is the colour of self-love (not pink, even though they both do have the same frequency levels). When green is present in the aura, it means two things: either they are in love with someone who balances them out, or they have a kind, loving heart. A loving kindness towards animals, plants, friends, family, and life in general, to be precise.

Blue: is the colour of communication. A blue aura reveals someone who enjoys meditation, who is in a calm state, and who stands to protect the ones they care about. They are frequently a support system for their friends and family.

Indigo: Known to “see” into other people’s energies, the colour indigo in an aura indicates someone who is in tune with their higher self. Indigo means one who searches for truths of the unknown and who can sense other people’s energies. It also reveals a power that one uses to see ‘deceit’ that some people try to pass as truth.

Purple: is the highest level of all the colours. People who have purple in their aura are an intuitive, larger picture type of person who loves guiding others to their highest potential. 

Pink: As stated above, both pink and green vibrate on the same frequency level. However, a pink aura shows someone who is happy and in harmony with those who are around them. Someone who has this aura can often be gentle, to others or themselves.

Silver: is the colour of abundance, which can mean that the person is coming into spiritual or material wealth.

Brown: This colour should be taken as a warning for some, as brown signifies the emotions of greediness and self-absorbedness. Being stuck in your ways and not seeing into the future.

Black: While it is not a ‘bad’ aura colour, when black is present, it means that there is a large amount of built-up anger or grief inside them. It also means that they have not forgiven what has happened to them and are still holding onto pain. This anger and suffering from the past or recent events can be held towards themselves or to other people. 

White: is the colour of energy protection, and when it is present in an aura, it means two things. The first is that the person is more concerned with spiritual matters and purpose and the second is that they do not care so much for material possessions or needs. 

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