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I’m going to jump right in. I can’t remember when my intense fascination with World War II started, probably high school (I am 27 now). I have always been very drawn to it, the stories, the figures, the devastation, how it could alter our world so completely and change the entire course of history for probably every single person. It is a known fact amongst my friends and family that I am a WW2 fanatic and will read any type of book on the matter. I’ve just always felt (seemingly randomly) pulled towards this topic. For context I am a girl who lives in NYC and very much into the club/party scene so it throws people off a lot when I bring it up in conversation, must seem out of character to them.

I had an old roommate who was very into Reiki and psychics, etc. Admittedly at the time I dismissed her as being very hippy-esque. She once told me that she thinks in a past life I could have lived during the war, maybe in Europe. In 2017 I was doing some reading on the war and a particular date popped up twice, November 9th. I thought, how bizarre two very important events happened on this same day. I then googled it, and found that five separate World War 2 events all happened on this date, different years. It is literally dubbed “The Day of German Fate” due to the curious circumstances of all such events happening on the same day. Whenever I think about this fact it feels surreal to me, and I can’t quite shake the feeling that something is going on here in the cosmos, universe, etc.

My birthday is November 9th.,the%20Berlin%20Wall%20in%201989.

I am very interested to hear from this community on if anyone has had similar realizations or if this could be connected to ESP, something psychic related, etc.? It may all just be a coincidence.