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Alchemy of the Soul according to the Lurianic school of Kabbalah

According to Kabbalistic teachings, the Soul consists of 5 parts also named "NRNHY" – Yechida, Chaya, Neshama, Ruach & Nefesh. According to that school of thought the Soul manifests itself through the 10 Sefirot ( ten numerations ), they are a series of divine attributes or emanations that represent the different aspects of God's nature and the structure of the universe. Each Sefirah is seen as a distinct stage in the process of creation and manifestation, and together they form a spiritual ladder that connects the divine realm to the physical world. The process of the soul emanating through the 10 Sefirot can be understood as a journey of spiritual awakening and transformation.

The Olam of Atzilut – The Archetypal World 🜂

The soul begins in a state of unity with the divine, but it becomes fragmented and separated as it descends through the Sefirot and becomes associated with the physical body. The first three Sefirot are known as the intellectual or cognitive Sefirot and are associated with the mind and the intellect. The first Sefirah, ⚪️Keter – ♆, represents the highest level of consciousness and the source of all existence ( Yechida 𖥞 ). It is the divine will that motivates creation and emanates the other Sefirot. The second Sefirah, ⚪️Chochmah – ♅, represents the divine wisdom and intuition ( Chaya 🜂 ), while the third Sefirah, ⚫️Binah – ♄, represents understanding and intellect ( Neshama – Soul 🜄 ).

The Olam of Briah – The Creative World 🜁

The next three Sefirot are known as the emotional Sefirot and are associated with the heart and emotions. The fourth Sefirah, 🔵Chesed – ♃, represents love and kindness, while the fifth Sefirah, 🔴Gevurah – ♂, represents strength and judgment. The sixth Sefirah, 🟡Tiferet – ☉, represents harmony and beauty and is the point where the emotional and cognitive Sefirot converge ( Rauch – Spirit 🜁 ).

The Olam of Yetzirah – The Formative World 🜄

The final four Sefirot are known as the practical or action-oriented Sefirot and are associated with the body and the physical world. The seventh Sefirah, 🟢Netzach – ♀, represents victory and endurance, while the eighth Sefirah, 🟠Hod – ☿, represents humility and surrender. The ninth Sefirah, 🟣Yesod – ☽, represents foundation and connects the physical world to the higher spiritual realms.

The Olam of Assiah – The Phisical World 🜃

The tenth and final Sefirah, 🟤Malkuth – ♁, represents the physical realm and is the point where the divine light of the other Sefirot is manifested in the world ( Nefesh – Body 🜃 ). As the soul descends through the Sefirot, it becomes increasingly enmeshed in the physical world and separated from its divine source.

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