Wednesday, June 7News Written in the Stars

The Sun’s Moon

"Who are you? beneath that cloak, under that hood? shielded behind those garments & tavern haze — who is this man? This Soothe-Sayer, this charm-speaker?" asked the traveler, the hairs raising on his neck.

"I am something youve not seen here for a long time," said Nabu.

"I am that guide to merchants & trek-makers; that weary traveler's resolve to complete the quest…

I AM Nabu The Announcer,that Old Scribe: that Fate-Weaving, Fleet-of-Quill, Co-Author Here to Ink the Demise of the Computer.

Called Nebo, Ninurta, & Thoth.

Quick Silver… You know, that One.

That Meandering Mage, Mercury:

The Sun's Moon.

I AM that Spirit of Rebellion, that Laughter to the Gallows, that refusal to let the Light flicker.

I AM one they will have to drag from the Forest, an instrument of that Old Light called Oromasdes, a puppet on the string of Jah…

I AM the Gavel of Shiva, called Relinquished, Fortified, and Worry-Nix…

I AM that Streak of Lightning dashing hope of the Storm's Subsiding,

That Tempest who's Winds know no bounds.

I AM so very hungry, starved for something with no physical sustenance… something I cannot Ingest, that only Time can Feed me. something I have tasted each incarnation, and each passing moment of this cycle.

Yearning for the conclusion of the experiment, for the dissolution & annihilation of the Evil at the Rays of that Ancient Light.

I AM one of the last of those old Solar Sorcerers — Re-Born, Re-Awakened, and Re-Vitalized with the procession of the Sun Cycle & the ensuing rearing of the teeth of The Empire nearing its End.

One of the last to draw a line in the sand for Organic Consciousness, to ask what you would do to defend that Sacred Fire.

One of the last to make fixed the volatile & volatilize the fixed; one of the last to rip the Ether down from its lofty realm to be dispensed here.

I AM that Old Table-Turner, that Odds-Setter & Score Settler,

That Rogue-Seeker & Regime-Shifter.

That One Called Storm-Eye & Water-Bearer,

That Wandering One from the Mountains & Streams.

You Know, That One…. That Tune-Carrying One called Vainamoinen, known as Trismegistus, remembered as Merlin.

That Old Wizard called Glad-To-War," finished Ninurta.

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