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Aquarius Full Moon: Finding our Authentic Self

 Hello fellow travelers. We
are currently building toward a very powerful  Full Moon in Aquarius opposite the Sun in Leo on
Wednesday August 11th at 5 pm UK, 12 pm Eastern time, 9am Pacific Time,
10 am Mountain Time.  This Full Moon energy  brings to a peak all of the intensities that we have been feeling in the last few weeks, and combines with the Lions Gate portal (August 8) to offer a doorway to a new beginning. .

The Lion’s Gate Portal ~ from July 28 to August 12 ~ is when the Sun in Leo aligns with the earth, the Sirius star system and  Orion’s Belt ~ creating an energetic gateway to our higher dimensional self. This time was highly important in ancient Egypt, where Sirius was considered personification of agricultural goddess Sopdet; the star’s  rising was linked to the annual flooding of the Nile River, bringing fertility to the land and the onset of a new year.


In Astrology, Leo represents our personal sovereignty. It rules the heart and calls on us to open to our magnificence.  Claim your power. Shine your light. Let me hear you roar! 



But first, the deep dive!


“Descent. Not a drowning, but being towed under the waters, into the depth of the dark, underworld feminine. It feels catastrophic, its masculine equivalent “The Dark Night of the Soul”. Descent may take place at any spot along our spiral path. No one who has passed through this descent will ever take lightly the anguish it demands. ⁣” (She Who IS)

There are powerful forces at work shifting and shaping us into who we were always meant to be. Take the dive deep and then rise again ~  renewed and reborn. Again and again (and again).


Aquarius Full Moon activates and combines recent watershed moments and significant events that have
been pushing us to make majour shifts in consciousness. Our growth is not a one time event, it is more like a series of shifts, descents, recoveries – each time we reclaim  a bit more of our lost self. There are however,  critical moments and turning points, particularly when they involve the Moon’s nodal axis – called the Collective Destiny Points.  Scorpio
South Node is a release point. There is work to be done (squared
Saturn) as we release old survival programs and step into
abundance (Taurus). There are old energies that do not want to shift; a struggle can ensue as the old energies resist the new.  Uranus is strong, but so is Saturn- things may not turn out exactly like we plan
or expect, and that can be a good thing! Let go of agendas and be prepared for surprises.

“First we clean the house

Then we have the party”

Sonya Sophia


Uranus the Awakener still close to Mars adds a lot of
adrenaline – everyone is buzzing.
This can be
aggressive, jarring, and reactive. I’ve yelled at quite a few people while driving recently; best to let many things pass. Stay grounded, walk barefoot, get as much sleep as you can. Do yoga,  deep
breathing, or do chi gong, dancing, drumming etc to channel this intensity 

as the winds of change swirl around and through us. Use this highly creative energy to shift, cleanse
and release old energies that are no longer serving your highest good. 


is quirky, outside the box energy that represents the collective as
well as the individual. It doesn’t like rules or restrictions and signifies  is our need for equality and freedom. On the other hand, Saturn in Aquarius  calls on our responsibility to the greater whole and asks us to step up to the plate. A right
angle square to the Collective destiny Points (nodes of the Moon) makes this a highly significant astrological event: something must shift in order for
us to fully step into our Collective Destiny. That shift  comes courtesy of Uranus the Awakener bringing us another  shake up to wake up moment as shocks, surprises, unexpected events force us to reexamine our habitual patterns to find new ways of being on planet earth. 


Look to the ‘house’ this Full Moon is in your chart ( to see what area of your life is asking for  change and see tabs at top for explanation of houses) 


Saturn in Aquarius asks us to step up and be
counted as we move from Surviving to Thriving (Scorpio south node to
Taurus north node).

Overall, this
amplified Aquarius Full Moon aligns us
with the path that is more in integrity with both our community (Aquarius) and our self (Leo).  We all  have something of value to offer the world. To discover what that is may involve some inner work ~ 
a Grand Cross formation  creates intense pressure  to transform the old into the new. A Grand Cross is four planets or points at right angles to each other – creating intense pressure like that which creates a diamond as old dead matter becomes something that strong, resilient and beautiful.
Like childbirth ~ it’s intense but its worth it. We are birthing a new self and a new world.


Ok so a little dramatic – Leo thrives on dramaThankfully Aquarius brings a more detached perspective so we can step back and observe the changes without getting too lost in it all.  The trick is in balancing heart and mind  as we dance our way through these wild times. Breathe deeply into the centre of your being – as we move through yet another stage of awakening.


All in all this Full Moon is a breakthrough moment.  Blessings
abound. Venus just trined Neptune allows Love and Spirit to flow
together beautifully. This
combo can soften the edges of the current intensity, just be aware that it also
can make us extra sensitive to the energies around us. Be careful to
ground yourself and find ways to shake off any external aggro – dance  ~ 
sing ~ play ~ create.   Be your magnificent self. 

You know you want to! ❤


Planetary aspects:                                                                                                            Moon/Saturn (karmic collective lessons, restrictions,)
Right angles to Collective Destiny Points (survive or thrive)
Mars and Uranus on Collective Destiny Points (unsettling events, unexpected changes, sudden awakening)
Pluto Opposite Venus (shocks around love and money)

ps. The Pluto Venus opposition suggest some sort of endings, shifts or changes in family or personal relationships (Venus in Cancer) or money matters. The house position gives more specific details. Watch the stock market for sudden rises or falls.