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3 Zodiac Signs Are Luckiest In Love On May 26, 2023, When The Moon Enters Virgo

When the Moon enters Virgo and Venus sextiles Uranus on May 26, 2023, three zodiac signs will be the luckiest in love. Today, it would be almost a given that today is going to make a few people very happy when it comes to their love lives.

This is a good lineup of transits, and on May 26, three zodiac signs will get to use the available energy to make great things happen in their relationships. This is also a very good day to meet someone new, so all the ‘good stuff’ isn’t just reserved for those of us who already have romantic mates.

This is dating season, and the luck is high; we have a very good chance of meeting someone very special on this day, thanks to the presence of Venus sextile Uranus. If there’s one thing many of us will notice on this day: love is not boring.

While being ‘exciting’ is sort of the standard prerequisite for falling in love with someone, what constitutes ‘exciting’ is what makes today so different. Venus sextile Uranus is not your average everyday ‘lucky in love’ transit; this is the event that happens when we find someone really interesting, or special or super unique.

This is also the transit that pushes us to become that person; we are the object of interest on this day. We are the one who brings the party; we are the one who stands out, and whether we are with someone or not, today is the day we find out that we are worthy of being loved…because we ‘are’ special.

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