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The Alchemical Dance – Esoteric Altered Reality Game

We are developing a game that teaches esoterics, alchemy, etc. We may be looking for someone to collaborate with on challenge ideas.

What is the Alchemical Dance all about?

The idea was based on Larping, Secret Societies, Alchemical and Esoteric Thought, Ancient and New Age Philosophy, and Magick.

We didn't want you to dress up and pretend to be a superhero or a wizard. We wanted you to become that Mage or Guru you envision yourself being. The only way to become that is to gain skills, through hard work and focus, and learning. By pushing yourself to your boundaries and continually moving what you believe is possible.

The game is no game. Everything that you earn here is real world knowledge and skills. The path to becoming the character you envision yourself as.

Each card represents a challenge. If you pass the challenge submit proof to us or post your proof in the group. If you are ready to get your own card, submit the form.

Each video contains a challenge and a secret code embeded in the video. If you can solve the code and submit it you will be granted an option to participate in a card for the path to initiation. The Private Order.

Don't come to the group begging for money or believing that there is a Secret Society that will give you money and a fame for your devotion and blood sacrifice. The only way you are going to become is by your own hard work and knowledge.

Rising to the top of the Pyramid requires knowledge, and self-growth.

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