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How To Channel Divine Light Energy — Amanda Linette Meder

Take a moment to find a calm, comfortable seated position. Roll your shoulders back and down. Place your hands palm up on either side of you.

Inhale and exhale three times deeply. 

Bring your attention to your Third Eye area, and now bring your attention to your Crown Chakra, the top of your head. 

Visualize a stream of glittering blue light, like the color of clear water sparkling in the sun, dancing on the top of your Crown.

Imagine this stream of glittering blue light traveling from your Crown, back up through the sky, past the trees and tops of buildings, all the way up through the atmosphere and returning to the cosmic ethereal plane. 

Here sense your Source Energy – Angels, Guides, Ascended Masters (i.e. Jesus, Mother Mary, Buddha) or God(s). 

Visualize your Source Energy sending back to you, from the palms of their hands, this glittering blue Divine Energy. 

Watch as this flow of light travels from them, back down through the atmosphere, through the sky, past the trees and tops of buildings, back to where you sit, where it again meets your Crown.

Sense this glittering blue light beginning to flow down through your Crown, into your head, down into your throat and flowing down into your heart. 

Sense this Divine Light travels down your right arm and then your left, down your right elbow and your left, down your right forearm and your left, and into your right palm and your left.

Now imagine this Divine Light beginning to flow from the palms of your hands. Sense this Divine Light in your palms, and watch it flow to a person or project that you want to see successful.

Inhale and exhale. Inhale and exhale. Inhale and exhale.

Bring your attention back to your Heart Center. 

Visualize glittering blue Divine Light flowing down into your stomach, down into your hips and down into your legs. 

Sense this Divine Light traveling down your right leg and then your left, down your right knee and then your left, down your right shin and your left. 

Sense this blue Divine Light entering your right foot and then your left. Sense this blue DIvine Light flowing out of the soles of your feet and into the Earth beneath you.