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Atlantis Rising

"Atlantis? Like the Disney movie?" The man asked Thoth with a jeering laugh.

"The Disney movie? Don't you realize… Western accounts of Atlantis stem first from PLATO. more specifically his relative, Solon, who visited Egypt & was found to be quite funny by the Egpytian priests entertained by Solons notion of Greece's antiquity," Thoth said very quickly.

"Dont you see… Africa… The Americas… Asia, Ireland, all of these Holy Places….

Truly, the Earth itself & all of its Lands…

You're on Atlantis, mate…

The Nations seeded by the Mother Culture of Atlantis met similar fates while resisting the Church & Crown hell-bent on eradicating the Truth of this planet… a saga you are seeing come to a conclusion via your runaway political & social debacle.

That warrior spirit of the Zulu, and of the Viking…. of the Apache, and of the Ghurka… of the Celt & the Mexica… this refusal to submit, this laughter to the gallows… this spirit is one & the same, across the entire planet…

All over the world, the children of Atlantis were slandered, murdered, imprisoned, and shuffled around the Earth… they are still doing this via the displacements from their bombs & wars. this story has never stopped, you're in its final phases.

You think you can deny the changing of the Winds? The Shifting of Regimes?

The Kings & Queens of Atlantis have returned to lay waste to The AI that created the governments & religions that turned humanity against one another.

All of the Pantheons across the Earth are the same. with the same symbols; recurring stories; inexplicable star knowledge & views of the cosmos, and otherworldly architecture.

This is being blatantly covered by the people that brought us Wounded Knee, MK Ultra, the Tuskegee syphilis experiments, operation Iraqi 'Freedom', arming & training of taliban; dismantling of Libya; etc – the short list.

LIDAR Revelations of extensive architecture throughout the ENTIRE Amazon, along with the continued discovery of Sea Floor Ruins & Temples, completely upend their hunter-gatherer rendition of history. I guess these 'primitive' people dove to the bottom of the ocean & constructed all of these temples?

Man, I can't wait to watch this place go down," Thoth said, shaking his head with a big smile.

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