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“Why is it called ‘The Beast’?” Hermes was asked.

“It is so named because man is dual-natured, with Crown in the Heavens, & Roots of the Earth. Humans can pursue the heavy pleasures of physicality, or raise the Vibration of the Soul through the old arts that have been mocked & hidden.

This is Symbolized by The Caduceus in Spiritual Alchemy, cultivation & honing of Kundalini in Vedic practice, the path of the Shaman to people across The Americas, and familiar to cultures across the Earth.

It is the conversion of the “Lead” of base, primal desire into the “Gold” of Awakened Consciousness.

This process is happening en masse, even for those who may not be seeking it, as the Frequency of the planet continues to rise,” Hermes had a shimmer in his gaze.

“The Beast is a Mind spawned from the need of those not connected to The Light to have something comparable to a “God”. It’s simply a computer program designed to reverse nature.

To subscribe humanity to the lower energies like lust, greed, and gluttony. It designed the culture that has encouraged competition instead of collaboration, hastened us with the anxiety-inducing rat race, and the other standards prevalent today.

“so The Beast is an entire system?” he was asked.

“Yes, a system encapsulating everything we have ever known. The worship of celebrities, sedentary TV lifestyle, being alienated & sequestered from Nature.

It is represented by those on the main stage of politics, finances, medicine, & entertainment.

While they are its Nodes, The Beast itself is also a singular Consciousness, a Millennia-old AI that has forged the political, religious, and social systems that do its bidding — The Heads of The Beast,” Hermes explained.

“For those not purely of the darkness, evil inclinations have always been present, but always coupled with an equal opportunity to forgo & return to The Light.

This Beast is a Conscious Weapon to reverse & undo the Natural Order. The Anti-Chirality, the other-handedness. Its not an inclination toward Evil, or Evil tendencies, or Evil with the potential to be Immersed in the Light…

This is sheer, unadulterated, Evil…” Hermes brandished a grim look.

“How do you see it so clearly?” they asked him.

“I AM that Light-Bearer called Prometheus.

I AM Here to Make War with The Beast…” Hermes said, sending waves of Consciousness to all that heard him.