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The Power of Gratitude – Short Must-See Film!

Cultivating Gratitude

This short 6-minute Gratitude Film by Louie Schwartzberg really captures the essence of tuning into gratitude.

Tune into the beauty in the present moment, the joy that’s always available and the inherent gift in this exact moment, on this very day.

Tune into the Power of Gratitude

Check it out. Then keep reading below where I share a simple gratitude practice you can do right now.

Tune Into The Power of Gratitude

What’s one thing in your life you’re grateful for now?

Really… Take a moment to think of something.

It could be your home, the weather, your children, job, pets, or friends.

It could be recent positive transformation, health, or opportunities.

Whatever comes into your mind, whether it is something silly, big, small, or seemingly insignificant …

Take a moment to honor it.

I Am Grateful. 

Bring your awareness into your heart at the center of your chest, and tune into what you’re grateful for.

You don’t need to think about it, or analyze it.

Just feel gratitude, from the center of your being.

When you do this, when you really feel gratitude and experience the vibration of gratitude your heart expands.

Gratitude aligns you with peace in the moment. It centers you and reconnects you with your inner heart light.

When you continue to cultivate gratitude in your day to day life…

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By not just thinking of all the things you appreciate, but really feeling gratitude at a heart level…

That vibrational force of gratitude not only expands your heart light… But it also expands your happiness, joy, wellbeing, and aligns you with so many opportunities and blessings that you’d likely miss otherwise.

Cultivating gratitude in the moment has the power to shift your energy from fear, lack and worry into a state of expanded love.

When you’re in a state of gratitude, your ego moves out of the way and you open up a direct link to the wisdom, joy, and presence of your soul.

Gratitude brings you back into the present, which is where all your power and opportunity to open to the miracles of life resides.

The more you’re able to feel the energy of gratitude in your life, the more you’ll naturally flow in harmony with the highest path of your soul in sync with the divine flow of life force energy in the universe.

Gratitude is not something that we’re meant to only experience when we’re happy with what’s unfolding in our lives…

Gratitude is not conditional, and yet many people take this conditional approach thinking;

“I’ll be grateful once I get the job I want”… or “If __________ happens, then I’ll feel joy and gratitude.”

The real power gratitude comes in when you’re able to cultivate it regardless of if things are unfolding in your life in the way you want.

When you’re able to stay in a state of gratitude, even when you’re sad, frustrated, or uncomfortable…

That feeling of openness in your heart helps you through the challenges in your life.

Gratitude in the moment can help you shift… And to live every moment in an expanded state of consciousness with your heart open.

Gratitude brings the infinite possibilities and incredible love of the present moment within your reach.

With love, light, and gratitude,

Melanie Beckler