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I need help with metallic Transmutation : alchemy

No one will just tell you lol. If it worked like that literally all of humanity would be transmuting metals left and right. Most people have no idea how alchemy works and those who do won’t just casually share it.

Do a couple years of reading and you might figure something out if you’re lucky…

Also you should stop with the dumb experiments before you hurt yourself…

Here’s a reading list i usually give to people:

Corpus hermeticum.

Emerald tablet.

Alchemical catechism.

The new chemical light.

Summa perfectionis.

Rosarium philosophorum.

The hunting of the greene lyon.

The hermetical triumph.

the 12 keys of valentine.

The metamorphosis of the planets by john monte snyder.

The compass of the wise (if you can find it in english.)

Opus mago-cabalisticum et theosophicum.

The only true way

Glory of the world

The True Book of the Learned Greek Abbot Synesius

donum dei

A Brief Guide to the Celestial Ruby

Emerald tablet

The golden chain of homer

The new chemical light

Sendivogius epistles to the rosicrucian society

The golden chain of homer

opus mago cabalisticum et theosophicum

hyle and coahyl

the 12 keys of valentine

Turba Philosophorum

Golden tractate of hermes

Liber secritisimus by Ripley

The works of thomas vaughan

Enchyridion physicae restituae by jean d’espagnet

The book of Morienus

For further reading here are some collections of texts:

The hermetic museum

Theatrum chemicum britannicum

Alchemical potpourri

The alchemical omnibus (pdf that can be found online)

Here is a good resource:

Also watch this series: