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This Month’s Astrology October 2021

This Month in Astrology – November 2021

November 2021


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Void of Course Dates this Month

On Noember 4th, the New Moon occurs in the sign of Scorpio, encouraging us to move out of our comfort zone and welcome new ways to live, heal, and transform. It’s a time for taking a good look at what we may have chosen to sweep under the carpet. Taking the time to understand others’ motives can enrich our feelings of intimacy, forgiveness, and sense of meaning.

We might want to use this cycle to focus on and develop one special project or relationship to help add purposefulness and depth to our lives. Intimate relationships need a brand new approach, and we can see this more clearly now.

This lunation tightly opposes (partile) Uranus and more loosely squares Saturn. Our interactions can be on the volatile side. It’s important to address our needs for independence and concerns about career or ambitions as we go forward.

On November 17th, Jupiter forms a semi-square with Chiron. This outer-planet tranist is the final of three (previously in April and August). This minor aspect is subtle. It can be a time when we are hungry for meaning and understanding, but it can be difficult to align ourselves with a personal philosophy or belief system that truly reflects our core. We might be led astray by beliefs and ideas now, or we might experience some form of crisis of faith. It is important to look within and come to a greater understanding of what we truly need or believe, rather than blindly following something that doesn’t truly serve our purpose. New business endeavors may require a closer look before pushing forward.

On November 19th, a Full Moon occurs in the sign of Taurus, and it’s a partial Lunar Eclipse, serving to awaken an urgent interest in the physical world and in our own sensual needs and desires. We should watch for stubbornness at this time, although some self-interest is healthy and necessary.

This umbral Lunar Eclipse, the Frost Moon, harmonizes with Pluto and squares Jupiter. It’s the first in a set of eclipses that occur along the Taurus-Scorpio axis (the last eclipse in this sign set will happen in October 2023). This set will stir the need to balance our lives between collecting and sharing, the simple and complicated, tangibles and emotional complexities. Emotions, feelings, and revelations now are pivotal–they get the ball rolling.

Also on November 26th, Saturn forms a sextile with Chiron, and is the final of three hits for this longer-term influence–the first happened in February, and the second in June. It’s a time for feeling competent, effective, and secure. This transit helps us express our unique qualities or go our own way without stirring up controversy, all through acting professionally and respectfully. There’s no need for show-boating with this aspect. It helps to humble us, and with increased realism, we can pursue our goals with better chances of success.


Date Time (ET) Event Position
Nov  4 5:14 PM New Moon in Scorpio 12 Sco 40′
Nov  5 6:44 AM Venus enters Capricorn Ven 0 Cap 00′
Nov  5 6:35 PM Mercury enters Scorpio Mer 0 Sco 00′
Nov  8 4:24 AM Pallas Direct Pal 9 Pis 03’D
Nov 11 7:46 AM First Quarter Moon 19 Aqu 21′
Nov 14 3:23 PM Juno enters Capricorn Jun 0 Cap 00′
Nov 16 9:04 AM Vesta enters Sagittarius Ves 0 Sag 00′
Nov 17 8:05 PM Jupiter semi-square Chiron Jup 23 Aqu 53′
Chi  8 Ari 53’Rx
Nov 19 3:57 AM Full Moon Partial LUNAR Eclipse 27 Tau 14
Nov 21 9:34 PM Sun enters Sagittarius Sun 0 Sag 00′
Nov 24 10:36 AM Mercury enters Sagittarius Mer 0 Sag 00′
Nov 26 8:04 PM Saturn sextile Chiron Sat 8 Aqu 40′
Chi 8 Ari 40’Rx
Nov 27 7:27 AM Last Quarter Moon 5 Vir 28′

(See the full table for 2021 and the full table for 2022)

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This Month’s Overview Horoscopes

The following horoscopes outline how the above astrological influences might affect each individual sign.

Overview horoscopes fill in here as I write them, ideally during the week before the month begins. It is not unusual to see some signs temporarily missing as I usually write the twelve of them over the course of a few days, and I always start with the featured sign of the month (birthday month).













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November 2021 Aspects TimeLine:

November 2021: TimeLine Aspects

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This Month’s Ephemeris:

November 2021 Monthly Planetary Ephemeris

This Month’s Ephemeris with extra points and abbreviations rather than glyphs:

November 2021 Ephemeris (with additional points)

Ephemerides with additional points are for Eastern Time. The North Node and Lilith are the True positions. Retrogrades are underlined. Extra points are Chiron, Ceres, Pallas, Juno, Vesta, and Lilith. These come from the excellent software, Sirius 3.0.


Using the table below: The Moon is Void of Course from the time of its last aspect listed below until the Moon enters a new sign. Generally speaking, these periods are not ideal for launching new endeavors, although they’re not impossible periods, either.

The times given below are Eastern. These should be adjusted for different time zones. For example, for Pacific Time, subtract 3 hours from the given times.

Void Moon Dates & Times: Table for November 2021

See Void of Course dates and times for the full year.

Looking Ahead:


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