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spring 2021

Spring 2021 Alchemy

Each season of nature and life brings shifts and alchemy. Here is some of the magic and transformation I have experienced over the last couple of months and how I plan to use the last few weeks of this season before we embrace the Summer Solstice.

  • Santa Barbara Spring Equinox 2021

Since last Summer my family and I have been marking the change of seasons with a trip. We have really enjoyed swapping the city and the humdrum of our daily pandemic lives to enjoy being in nature and taking time to reflect on the season that has passed and the season to come. If you have the means, I highly recommend marking the change of seasons with a trip, even if it is just a day trip. It is a really wonderful way of connecting to the seasons of nature and to your own internal seasons. Last year saw us visit Ojai twice – for the Summer Solstice and the Fall Equinox – where we stayed at one of our favorite hotels The Ojai Valley Inn and Spa. We then celebrated the Winter Solstice in Rolling Hills/Palos Verdes – a trip that doubled up as a chance for us to get to know that area and see if we wanted to move there (we decided it wasn’t for us). For the Spring Equinox we headed to Santa Barbara, one of our favorite Cali getaways. We didn’t really do much other than daily ocean walks (my husband actually enjoyed a couple of dips). For me, dipping my toes in the cold salt water and going for sunrise and sunset walks was the perfect healing tonic to wash away the end of Winter. Santa Barbara is full of good eats but we played it pretty safe when it came to going out and instead enjoyed multiple take outs from Toma (the short rib tagliatelle is divine) and Secret Bao  (I devoured the KFC bao on more than one occasion – don’t let the name put you off!) and I broke away from my usual gluten free diet to enjoy the crispiest, buttery, chocolatey croissants for breakfast each day. We also explored the slice of magic that is Montecito and enjoyed sunrise walks at the legendary Butterfly Beach (when your toddler wakes up at 5am you may as well make the most of ocean sunrises). It was a rejuvenating trip and the perfect tonic before our move. Onto which…

  • We moved!

Like many families we experienced a lot of change last year and spent a lot of time reviewing all aspects our lives and wondering if we too should consider a pandemic pivot with a move out of State, mainly for our finances and quality of life – the two being intertwined in an often-precarious relationship. Ultimately, we decided to follow our hearts as to where we felt most drawn to, most ‘at home’ and seemed to reflect our values of family life and community. We made this move with the decision that it was our last hurrah to see if Cali living was really for us. And so, we moved to the little city of San Marino that has been on our radar for the last 18 months or so. We are very pleasantly surprised as to how different life feels a mere 23 miles from where we used to live. In the last six weeks we have become totally enamored with our new neighborhood. We will give it a year or so to see if it really is for us beyond the honeymoon period, but I already have a strong feeling that this will be where we finally put down roots and buy our forever home…

  • Karma chameleons

 I am a strong believer that your environment influences your destiny – for better, or worse. Every time I have moved home, I have experienced huge shifts that usually mirror my new surroundings in some way. Whether this has been the bigger moves (moving from London to Los Angeles off the back of a dream – pretty much served as a dramatic course corrector for my entire life) or even moving apartments in the same building (a move I believe created the space to call in both huge expansion and ultimately my husband) – changing your environment is a sure-fire way of shifting your energy and thus your future.  According to Talmudic sages moving to a new location brings a change of mazel (luck/fortune) and this is certainly something we have experienced since moving. There are some aspects of life that were perhaps decaying without us realizing and since we moved, we’ve been able to shed these. With this new physical and energetic space, we’ve also been able to call in what is more aligned and feels destined. Some of this has been consciously calling things in and some has simply been the Universe bringing new opportunities our way. The Universe loves nothing more than filling a void and I can definitely feel our move has shifted our destiny for the better.

  • Cleansing, Clearing and Detoxing – physical and environmental

Whenever I move, I like to use the change in residence as an opportunity to reset in all ways. Of course, there is the physical such as decluttering, reorganizing and giving the new space a deep clean, but I also like to use the move as an opportunity to reset for my mind/body and soul.

So, here’s a little of what I have been up to…


Instagram Break/Detox

I decided to take a social media break (specifically from IG) shortly after moving and I am yet to return. My brain feels different and I have learnt so much from this time offline that I will be recording a podcast episode about my experience soon. And I will be back, just with a different perspective and approach.

Owl Venice Cleanse

My husband and I are big fans of Owl Venice and specifically their Reset. We did the Reset Cleanse last year as part of our pandemic health kick and are about to do it again as our last hurrah of our Spring clean and to prepare for Summer. We will be doing the four-day reset. I am really excited to do it again and see how different it feels this year doing it in our new space. I will write about our experience in more detail in time to come.

Supernatural Cleaning

I am a huge fan of Suzy Batiz – the brains behind the highly successful Poo Pourri. She has long been a role model of mine and funnily enough I came across her when the shit hit the fan in my life and I really needed to hear inspirational stories of women who had overcome hardship to create something of value and become extremely successful (Suzy’s tagline is ‘alive as shit’). I feel so grateful to have connected with Suzy and her team and thoroughly enjoyed a recent essential oils workshop she carried out where we got to make our own custom oil blends. I was thrilled to receive her Supernatural Cleaning Kit – with all natural cleaning products. In Suzy’s words these products are Earth Mama Meets Clean Freak. I mean, they couldn’t resonate with this Virgo Rising more! As part of our environmental detox, I am also cleaning up everything we are using on our bodies and our home, as well as of course what we are consuming. I highly recommend these products if you are into cleaning yet also into clean living. Also, Supernatural are expanding into other wellness products and I am obsessed with my Supernatural Copper Water bottle and use it daily, whether at home or out and about. It is not only gorgeous but has all the natural anti-oxidant and energy balancing properties of copper. Their incense holder is also really lovely and aligns with my rose gold/copper loving aesthetic.

Burst Water Flosser

Like many of you, last year had us focusing on our health and hygiene on a different level. I guess global pandemics do that to you and I think focusing on preventative health care is one of the best things any of us can do to maintain our general well-being. I didn’t get to go my dentist for all my regular cleanings last year due to many of the restrictions in place and I am not a fan of regular flossing, so my oral hygiene felt lacking. I was so delighted to receive the Burst Water Flosser which has made flossing an effortless and enjoyable experience. I got the metallic rose gold (I think you may be getting the picture that I love pretty much everything and anything rose gold!). I highly recommend this product which you can buy on Amazon or directly from Burst.

Less news, more nature and getting clear on how best I can show up.

As well as all the above, I am continuing to cleanse, clear and detox by consuming news in a more mindful way (and being careful about where I get my news from), as well as regularly connecting to nature. Being in nature is how I empty out the gunk and silence the noise of the world and get back to myself. It is only from this space that I can get clear on how best I can show up for myself, my family and the world. If you have read my latest post on Motherhood or on Embracing the Liminal space, you will know that I have been going through a big rebirth and I feel that integration and finding my flow are the themes for my next season of life. Nature helps me get clear and connected and in our new neighborhood I feel so lucky to be able to walk to our local park and enjoy such a clean, green space that has a wonderful kid play area for my little one and the most divine rose garden for me to enjoy heavenly scented outdoors meditations. Last year we became members of Descanso Gardens which we have continued to enjoy. When we moved, we also became members of the Los Angeles Arboretum which is just a ten-minute drive away. The events of the last year have only reaffirmed to me how important nature is to me. Nature truly is my healer, teacher and temple and I am very happy to be Members of and support the missions of both these botanical gardens and reap the rewards of spending time in the temple of Mother Nature.

I will be enjoying the last few weeks of Spring, eclipse season and Mercury Retrograde with this continued focus on resetting, readying myself for sunny Summer, integrating and finding my flow, and whatever else that season has in store.

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