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Your Name of Power – Honor Your Unique Soul

Your Name of Power. Of course you have one!

Your Name of Power!

  • Learn why you CAN find yours
  • And USE yours
  • And thus, GAIN tremendous benefits.

Altogether using your Name of Power can help you greatly to express your unique soul.

In fact, as an Enlightenment Teacher, why do I urge you to find and use your Name of Power?

Because it’s the single most important thing you can do to accelerate your progress toward Spiritual Enlightenment.

Thanks to Blog-Buddy THOMAS, this article will include a special treat. You’ll see. Just keep reading.

First of All, Why Would Your Name of Power Matter?

Isn’t any name okay?

Before we continue, please keep this in mind:

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Speaking of the Benefit to You of Commenting Here, Did You Know?

This Energy Spirituality Blog is the only one on the internet. Although some other Energy Spirituality Experts do have websites, as the founder of Energy Spirituality I host this field’s only blog. Bringing you the latest discoveries. And helping you to learn what can help you most.

Right here is your best resource for Energy Spirituality’s leading-edge skills that work now, in the Age of Awakening. Including the life alignment potential of finding and using your Name of Power.

Many Methods Exist for Upgrading Your Given Name

Before we get to the method I advocate, let’s get real. Undoubtedly you’ve heard of some of these other methods to find your Name of Power. (Or at least find a better version of the name you were given.)  Do any of the following appeal to you?

  1. Giving yourself an official nickname. Like Sam “Sammy” Smith.
  2. Using an initial to cover up, or not quite use, part of your legal name. Like F. Scott Fitzgerald.
  3. Undertaking a shamanic or Native American vision quest. Then coming back with a special name that you make legal. Like Konstanza Morning Star.
  4. By means of numerology, making a clever change via spelling. In order to seem to have your given name. But semi-secretly you’ve given yourself a big numerological advantage. Like changing Diane to Dianne.
  5. Entering a convent. Or monastery. Maybe a religious Movement. (Or possibly a cult.) Where the main person gives you a spiritual name. As a result, you’re supposed to use that name for the rest of your life. Like an American guy or gal who’s been given the name Darshan.

In Order to Find Your Name of Power

Aura Reading Your Chakra Databanks Is Essential

After all, are you living in the Age of Awakening or not? (Like it or not, this question has only one correct answer.)

As a result, you’re energy sensitive, right? But does that mean you have good skills for energetic literacy?

Definitely not. On the bright side, you can get excellent skills for reading auras.

Indeed, these skills can prove indispensable for a ton of ways to improve your life.

Name Alignment Is the Energy Spirituality System

For Finding Your Name of Power

Name Alignment is highly skilled aura reading plus more. In the process you learn a great deal about who you are. Especially what your soul expression is like in this lifetime.

And you have a hand in selecting names. Once you understand an effective way to research the possibilities.

Altogether, Name Alignment requires two personal sessions. (Sometimes more.) Allowing you to find your own personal Name of Power.

Absolutely, using that Name of Power is often a big step for moving toward Spiritual Enlightenment. A majority of the folks I’ve helped attain Enlightenment have made use of Name Alignment.

Differently put, you start using a name that expresses your soul. That name fits you like a custom-made glove.

As a result it’s easier for other people to see you. To hear you. And to give you more of the respect you deserve.

Another way to summarize the benefits of using your Name of Power? Nothing less than healing your LIFE.

Mind you, not automatically solving all your problems. But empowering you more than ever, so that you can solve those problems your way.

By all means, learn more from these knowledge packets about the trademarked system of Name Alignment® Aura Research:

After Name Alignment, What Then?

Here’s the Inspiring Story from Thomas McHenry

Glad to say, he volunteered to share his story. Take it away, Thomas!

Surprises Began Right from the Start

After Name Alignment, what was the first surprise for me? Seemed as though the people in my life with the most difficulty accepting my new name were the people that I expected to be the most supportive.

Eventually I realized something ugly. It was something I can see in retrospect, though.

At the time I changed my legal name to the one I have now, I had no clue. But the people who were closest to me at the time were also the people who least respected me.

Sadly I believed that these people loved and cared about me. Again, in retrospect, at the time I had no standards for how they treated me. Over time it became clear that they didn’t really care about me as a person.

Note from Rose

In this regard, Thomas’s story isn’t typical. Instead, what’s more common? Sometimes family members, friends, and others at work have resistance to anyone changing their name. Unless after marriage, there’s a name change. Or somebody comes out as transgendered.

Actually, you can change your name for reasons that have nothing to do with love or sex. More like, you aim to use your personal Name of Power. Because you aim to use more of your potential in life.

Please note that Name Alignment includes some simple mentoring about how tell folks you’re changing your name. Occasionally clients might have a follow-up mentoring, depending on how graciously other people respond.

In a Way, this UNPLEASANT Surprise Led to Many PLEASANT Surprises

Eventually the relationships I had with those who didn’t respect me fell away. In the process I began to recognize my own value, strength, and power.

I’ll put it this way. I stopped being okay with being treated… however other people wanted to treat me.

In fact, I’ll put it this way.

Seeing the Truth in Things Has Been Easier Since Name Alignment

It has always been very important to me to see the truth in things.  After I changed my name, what happened with that relationship to personal integrity? (AKA No more accepting B.S.)

  1. Feelgood illusions fell away. Instead the truth about my relationships became clearer. Sometimes relationships have been good but sometimes not so good, and now I have the wisdom to tell the difference.
  2. And my commitment to following up on what was true for me? That has became even stronger. By now it’s automatic.
  3. In general, using my Name of Power has helped me to access to more of my own strength.
  4. By now it just feels like my nature, how I can handle the truth of relationships.
  5. And, without being pushy or rude, I take a stand for the truth.

It would be an understatement to say that I’ve developed a ton of social skills. All of which support me in having the kind of life I want.

For example, in my career, I’ve received promotion after promotion.

Another example is how I moved into Spiritual Enlightenment. That Enlightenment Validation with Rose was definitely a pleasant surprise!

Maybe the Biggest Surprise of All

By now it has now been almost 10 years since I changed my name. One of the biggest surprises has been a sense of unlimited potential for growth. When I summarize what has change, please know this. I’m not parroting ideas from pop psychology. The following really, truly applies to my life:

By valuing myself, I’ve gained the respect of others.

Not coincidentally, I developed new strength, and not only to face my fears. It takes inner strength to solve problems effectively, to discern how to produce the most effective changes in my life.

For sure it helps that I no longer place the importance of others above myself.  It was an important shift for me to experience moving from feeling powerless to learning to use my power in the world. (Also helpful have been continuing sessions of Energy Spirituality).

In Short, Using My Name of Power Has Helped Me to Keep on Empowering Myself

That is to say, there are so many different ways in this world that a person can be challenged on a daily basis.

I like to think of using my personal power like a muscle. I continue to build that muscle. Besides growing stronger with use, I keep on learning in everyday situations, when and how to use this muscle.

When to use it with love, and when to use it with anger.

As part of this empowerment, I’m not afraid of anger anymore. And I know this has to do with learning to use my power as a person.

Honestly, my relationship with anger has become extremely valuable to me, even sacred.

Changing my name to be in alignment with my soul activated my knowledge of who I am. Until then I slipped into letting the people around me tell me who I was.

It has mattered so much for me, to find my Name of Power. Then use it.

Both the strength and also so many other characteristics within myself. Before I vaguely sensed that all of this was within me. Only I had no clue who how to bring myself — the real me — into the world.

In Closing

If you’re someone with an unquenchable desire to grow and learn and evolve, find your way to make that happen. Name Alignment could help you, in your way, just as much as this has made a world of difference for me.

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