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Seeking Direction in the Age of Awakening

Seeking Direction in the Age of Awakening, can you do better than asking a daisy?

Seeking Direction in the Age of Awakening.

What kinds of question can you ask in a session of Energy Spirituality?

Which answers to seek here, compared to meeting with:

  1. A psychic or intuitive
  2. A psychotherapist
  3. Or a Reiki healer (or other New Age Energy Healer)
  4. A pastor or guru (or other spiritual teacher)
  5. How about an empath expert?

Yes, this blogpost begins as a Newsletter Announcement for the Oct. issue of Reading Life Deeper.

In addition, you can also expect some far-ranging conversations. Right here.

For this simple reason: Who among us hasn’t wished that we knew… which kind of helper was best to ask? And for what?

COMMENT away with your thoughts. Your hopes. And your fears. Let’s discuss.

First of All:

Seeking Direction, You CAN Do Better than Daisies

Have you ever played a fortunetelling game like this one? Plucking out daisy petals as you croon:

He loves me.

He loves me not.

He loves me.

He loves me not.

Surely there’s got to be a better way of gaining information about yourself and others. Especially since you’re an inquisitive person, far too curious to go through your life without thinking about that life of yours, and how to live it in the most fulfilling way.

  • Including questions on being an Empath Empowerment®. Or empath anything.
  • (Formerly) secret questions about reading auras.
  • Maybe questions about energy healing.
  • Or you might even dare to ask me in my role as Enlightenment Teacher.

Of course you can! Simply COMMENT below. Together let’s gain more clarity.

So Many Reasons for Seeking Direction Now, in this New Age of Awakening!

In the first place, you ARE living at the leading edge of the Age of Awakening.

Granted, the primary changes are subtle. Mostly consisting of variations on your New Vibrational Freedom.

All of us can evolve super-fast. Both emotional growth and spiritual awakening!

Which Free Resource Can Help You When Seeking Direction?

Since you care about taking advantage of today’s opportunities, the stakes are high for you. What kind of thing, in particular, CAN Energy Spirituality tell you? How can this website, and all its resources, help you?

While this blogpost offers you the opportunity to compare

How other systems might make bigger promises for helping you with seeking direction.

But what, exactly, can these other resources deliver?

COMMENT AWAY with your questions and stories.

Meanwhile, in Our Free Newsletter

The upcoming October 2021 issue of Reading Life Deeper offers these articles:

Answers for Empaths

Let me tell you the story that touched my heart, and inspired the theme for this entire newsletter.

Answers to Big Questions

Even very experienced Energy Spirituality clients are likely to learn a thing or two from this article.

Sparkle Up, to Help You Answer Important Questions on Your Own

Certain answers to your questions… can be like gifts that keep on giving.

Best of the Blog

Since our last newsletter, we didn’t merely add 1,000 new comments. This Energy Spirituality Blog received some outstanding contributions from Blog-Buddies; several of which you’ll be sampling here.

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Finally, COMMENT Away

For instance:

  • Maybe you’ve had questions that you’ve felt shy about asking during a personal session.
  • Might it help you to know if that kind of question is appropriate?
  • Exactly the kind of question you can ask about here! Simply by COMMENTING here.

Incidentally, what if you’d like to use a pseudonym? By all means, let me know your name of choice in the first line. To be sure, I’ll follow through.

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