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Love Horoscope for the Week of April 18

If you are the sort of person who keeps track of these things, you’ve probably heard a lot about Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Pisces, which was exact last week but is still very much in effect. And if so, you’ve probably gotten the impression from some sources that everyone (but especially a Pisces!) is a little more deluded and delusional than usual — fuzzy-headed and impractical. Maybe even a little dopey.

That’s just lazy astrology and/or lazy writing. “Deluded and delusional”? The one book that is probably the most tested and proven to be true in human history — Newton’s Principia Mathematica — was written and published during Neptune in Pisces. “Fuzzy-headed and impractical”? Explain that to Sun and Venus in Pisces George Washington. “Dopey?” What sign was Albert Einstein again?

Instead, let’s accept that Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Pisces has the potential for some next-level openness and intimacy, and look at how this week’s specific astrology can help you harness that energy for romantic success!

On Monday, two exact aspects — and one that lingers — can make the beginning of the week an excellent time to open your heart and use your words to express yourself and potentially get great results. Mercury sextile Venus (which was exact late last week) is still in effect. This aspect can make for smooth communication of affection, whether it’s for writing a love letter, sexting, or simply expressing yourself through touch, gifts or words.

That aspect gets a huge boost from two other aspects that are exact on Monday. First, Mercury sextile Venus gets amplified by Mercury conjunct Uranus. This lends an extra touch of creativity to any and all forms of communication I mentioned in the previous paragraph. That can be great for pumping new energy into your romantic life. What’s more, Monday also brings the exact Venus-Uranus sextile. That aspect can also make for new and unusual attractions, or new and unusual ways to express your adoration for someone. Regardless of the big aspects happening right now, you’re really missing out if you don’t take advantage of the smaller and quicker ones like this.

Just be careful to not force your hand too badly, because Monday is also the day of the exact Sun square Pluto aspect. Opening your heart and expressing your feelings is great… but let’s not lay it on too thick, shall we? You don’t want to come across as bossy or demanding, do you?

On Tuesday, the Sun enters Taurus. This is a very special time of the year when some very lovely people get their turn to shine. That is until some jackass makes a crack about “bossy or demanding” in association with Taurus. Please note: I am not that jackass.

So you see, if one ignores the over-used astrological generalizations and stereotypes, and approaches astrology with true discernment, one can use astrology with real power and clarity. That’s something we’ll all need this week as Mars continues into Pisces, making our ambitions and sex drives deluded, fuzzy-headed, and dopey.

I’m sorry. I’ll see myself out now…