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Love Horoscope for the Week of May 9

Love Horoscope for the Week of May 9

Wait! Stop whatever you’re doing and listen! If you are reading this on the weekend or on Monday, you need to immediately drop everything and get all the writing, driving, agreements, short trips, escalator usage and software updates done before Mercury goes retrograde this Tuesday!

There. I just spared you all the grief that comes with Mercury retrograde, which is happening until June 2nd. You’re welcome.


Okay, admittedly you can’t really do that any more than you can wish Mercury retrograde away. But knowing that there’s a storm coming gives you a chance to close the windows and bring the laundry in, and that’s what you should be doing now with your Mercury-related issues.

You might very well try to overdo things though, because Tuesday is also when Jupiter enters Aries. Jupiter may be at its “strongest” in Pisces, but any placement in Pisces can have a tendency to sit around waiting to be noticed rather than get up and go for something. Other than a return trip to Pisces in late October to mid-December, Jupiter will be in Aries until next May. Agreements, legal matters, and even marriages will often seem to be moving at an accelerated pace. If you’ve been on the fence for a while about a relationship, now may be the time to take action one way or another. Just try to not end up like Humpty Dumpty.

Another thing to keep in mind is that, although there won’t be a conjunction, Venus is also in Aries until near the end of the month. All else being equal, any placements of yours in the Fire signs should be feeling warm and fuzzy about this. Venus in these placements (or the Air signs) will also tend to benefit from this. Take heed: this energy will still be in place next week and will still be useful for when the Pisces port finally boils over with the Mars-Neptune conjunction.

And finally, on the subject of “warm and fuzzy,” on Sunday Sun sextile Neptune is exact. This isn’t normally a powerhouse of a transit, but in light of all that Venus and Jupiter action, the power that a Sun-Neptune aspect can have to dissolve ego defenses is remarkable. Now apply that energy to the warm and fuzzy Ram, Lion, or Centaur you’ve been checking out for the last while, toss a rope around ’em, and then gently lead them back to your place. Enjoy your domesticated Fire sign… while it lasts!