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Trump’s Triple Corruption. Latest Committee Hearing

Trump’s Triple Corruption

Trump’s Triple Corruption, trying to break America’s System of Checks & Balances. This was on full display in the FIFTH January 6 Committee Hearing.

Let’s explore this. Manageable chunks would be nice, don’t you think?

First of All, What Is America’s System of Checks & Balances?

Often, if you follow politics today, you’ll hear this: America is a country of laws, not men.

Oops, Trump’s first mistake. Assuming that you’d like to start counting.

How, exactly, do those laws support a democratic society? Three ways, thanks to our system of checks and balances.

Government in this country depends on three separate, equal, branches of government:

  • In the first place, the Judicial branch of government. And federally, that’s the Supreme Court and also the Justice Department.
  • Second, the Legislative branch of government. Of course, federally that’s the House of Representatives and the Senate.
  • Third, the Executive branch of government. Like that federal focus of media attention, the U.S. President, Vice-President, and so forth.

This fifth hearing of the January 6 Committee showed how Trump wasn’t content to corrupt his branch of government. Instead, aiming to seize power any way he could, at any cost… This lawless president did what he could to corrupt the judicial and legislative branches of government. Neither of which exists to support the president.

Instead, each of these three branches was designed to balance the other two. And if necessary, stop the misuse of power.

Quite Simply, Trump’s Triple Corruption Is Horrifying

Seems to me, all of the first four Hearings led up to this blockbuster one. Aired June 23rd, you can easily find recordings. Prefer watching or listening to summaries? Easy-peasy.

For instance, this practical summary…

Summarizing What Americans Learned During those Previous Jan. 6th Committee Hearings

At this Energy Spirituality™ Blog, I’ve published the following articles.

Maybe they can help you to supplement all the evidence presented… with insights into some of the major people involved.

Usually I blog here about personal development and spiritual awakening. I even blog as an Enlightenment Teacher. But these days I aim to do my duty as an American citizen. And cover each hearing.

First Jan. 6th Committee Hearing: Skilled Empath Merge with Bennie Thompson. Leadership.

Trump knew he was making up the Big Lie. He knew better. Only he chose worser.

He claimed to STOP election fraud while he (and his supporters) were DOING the election fraud.

Incidentally, if you don’t yet know what an empath is? Or you’ve never seen a sample of Skilled Empath Merge? Both reasons to read this blogpost!

Second Jan. 6th Committee Hearing: Bennie Thompson Skilled Empath Merge Completed

The main article completes this Skilled Empath Merge. But COMMENTS at this blogpost will provide particulars.

To quote NANCY O, commenting:

For years I’ve heard armchair psychologists and real professionals describe at great length their views of Trump’s mental health problems.

I have worried that if it ever came to a trial this monster would be acquitted. By reason of mental defect, I think it’s called.

If Trump wasn’t capable of knowing that he lost the election, maybe there was no big lie.

About a zillion Professional Republicans from Trump World testified at that hearing. Make no mistake, the Trumpster knew.

Third Jan. 6th Committee Hearing: Judge Luttig Aura Reading

Pence was onboard with Trump’s lies about the election… until he wasn’t. At the very last minute he bailed.

One voice that helped him belonged to the fascinating-and-famous Conservative sttorney, Michael Luttig. He stood up against illegal pressures by Trump and others, telling Pence unquivocally.

Pence and his team were pressured again and again by Trump and others who were pushing the idea that the VP could decide the election.

A bombshell from this hearing: On January 5, the day before the insurrection, “Trump released a false statement saying VP agreed with him on 1/6 power.”

Fourth Jan. 6th Committee Hearing: Rusty Bowers Integrity Aura Reading

Trump stuck his grubby fingers into state government. Including a pressure campaign against state officials.

Also inciting his followers to cruel persecution of civic minded election workers. Ruining lives.

And Now, The Fifth Hearing Showed How this President, Who Sought Personal Power at All Costs…

Trump even attempted to install ludicrously unqualified Jeffrey Clark as Attorney General.

In Every Possible Way, Trump Tried to Break America’s Brilliant System of Checks & Balances 

1. Trump’s Triple Corruption Started with Disgracing the Presidency

As President, he wouldn’t give up on his claims of fraud. One layer of planning at a time, Trump created the January 6th Coup Attempt. After that failed, he made more illegal and inappropriate attempts.

Illegally, he brought baseless and sometimes preposterous claims of election fraud to Justice Department officials so that they could use the nation’s law enforcement powers to investigate them.

As if these were his own personal lawyers. Rather than a co-equal branch of government.

Blog-Buddies, of course you might wish to COMMENT below about this. If you’ve followed details of the President’s shenanigans, you’ve to plenty to say.

2. Trump’s Triple Corruption Included Breaking America’s Supreme Court

He attacked the judiciary with, what the New York Times has called, “The most blatant attempt to use the Justice Department for political ends at least since Watergate.”

For instance, witness Trump’s activist court’s horrifying rulings on June 24, 2022:

  • Reversing nearly 50 years of reproductive freedom
  • Turning America into a shoot-out country

You haven’t been paying attention. At least, you have only been paying attention to fake news.

Please, cut that out. Pay attention to reality. And these days, like it or not, reality includes shocking political news.

Blog-Buddies, definitely COMMENT below about this.

3. Trump Also Corrupted Senators and Representatives

Encouraged to gaim more power by going along with the mafia-style president, 147 corrupt Republicans took this drastic step: Voting NOT to certify Biden’s presidency. Public-facing, they talked “The Big Lie.” Privately, they knew that lie was a lie.

In the fifth Jan. 6 Committee Hearing we learned that:

  1. After Jan. 6, several of Mr. Trump’s political allies on Capitol Hill, who stoked the false election claims, sought pardons from Mr. Trump. He considered granting them,
  2. And Rep. Mo Brooks, Republican of Alabama, sought what? “Pre-emptive” pardons for all House and Senate members who had voted to reject the Electoral College vote certifications of Biden’s victories in Arizona and Pennsylvania.
  3. Others who sought presidental pardons included MAGA stalwarts in Congress, such as Scott Perry of Pennsylvania, Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia, Louie Gohmert of Texas, and Andy Biggs of Arizona.

Mr. Kinzinger put it succinctly at the Hearing. All these pardon requests were evidence of consciousness of guilt.

Kinzinger also said, “The only reason I know to ask for a pardon is because you think you’ve committed a crime.”

Blog-Buddies, feel free to COMMENT below about this.

Reluctant to Acknowledge Trump’s Triple Corruption, His Criminality?

Mostly with this blog I know that I’m preaching to the choir. Unless you were interested in truth, why would you be a regular at “Deeper Perception Made Practical”?

However you may have family members, friends, coworkers who believe in Trump.

Might I suggest that you share this article with them?

To You Believers, Enough Already.

Consequences are going to come to you from staying loyal to the former guy.

One name for those consequences is “Karma” — which you can read about in detail at the link just provided.

The mess you’ve already made of your country, our democracy, and your own karma… When you didn’t know better, that was one thing.

But Now You Know

It hurts to admit you fell for a grifter. But the faster you admit these facts the better:

  1. Trump knowingly made up The Big Lie.
  2. Corrupt politicians, seeking power, knew it was a lie. And they spread it anyway.
  3. These people have tried to use YOU. Using you on purpose, as if you were stupid and weak. You’re not.

Maybe to you it felt like “Fox and FRIENDS” were your real friends.

Now it’s time to wake up and smell the coffee. Quit voting for “heroes” who aim to break our country, just for the sake of their own greed for power and money.

Quit watching Fox News, etc.

Facts are really, really available to you. Really. Time to change your tune.

In Conclusion

Open mike night here. Or, at least, we have open COMMENTS.

Make your views known.

Just remember, civility please. Otherwise your comments will not be published.

Probably every one of you has something to say about Trump’s Triple Corruption. Go for it.

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