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Psychic Sanctuary : Psychic

A place for people to come and learn about themselves on the soul level. Have you ever wondered things about yourself? Ever wanted to understand your senses, intuition and other things?

Then the psychic sanctuary is the place for you, we are people looking to help others find their place in the same that we are and have fun doing it.

The original psychic sanctuary was created in 2019 throigh divine inspiration and with an old friends help Brent Brigham, since then my journey to get to this point has been rocky, I’ve been going through a dark night of the soul. Friends, that are becoming family have helped me out across a different timeline as they’ve known about where my journey has been at, where my reality has been, being controlled by societies and other beings that they are familiar with, grey argonians are the main ones I’ve come across so far (argonian is the word I’m resonating with right now, but you may know them by a different name, since they have been known as humanoid reptilians) The friends helping me are argonian and human, human because the human, Kieran is adopted from one of them from years ago, Mark, who is a red argonian, but that’s all I know about mark, other than what Ive gotten to know about him.