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How To Tap Into Your Spiritual Gifts — Amanda Linette Meder

1 – Practice focusing your attention on a task you enjoy every day

One way to identify and awaken your spiritual gifts is by directing your attention to doing something you love for an hour every day. 

Spiritual gifts are talents you have that are meant to bring joy. Repeatedly stepping into the flow of focused intent on lovingly completing a task that you enjoy can help you identify when you are using your talent with joy.

By directing your attention on a task you enjoy, you are practicing intentionally using your talents at a craft which could be a spiritual gift. 

The more you do this, the easier it is to identify what your talent is and the more likely you will be to intersect with someone else while doing it, allowing you to share your gifts with them.

2 – Listen to your inner voice with meditation

When you meditate, you practice calming your energy to a point where your thoughts are slowed, your emotions are balanced and your mind is still. 

As your mind stills in meditation, thoughts, feelings or ideas may arise that have been previously buried amongst the other impressions of the day.

By identifying the ideas, thoughts and images that enter your mind and heart after your energy field is calmed, you are listening to your inner voice. 

How does your voice “speak” to you here? The answer to this could be a cue as to the intuitive gift you have with how you receive insight.

What information comes forward after you are centered from meditation? 

This insight could be a spiritual cue as to how you are to use your gift on Earth, which can indicate what your spiritual gift is, especially if the insights coming forward are similar over time.

3 – Revisit your old dreams

Do you have a list of unfinished drafts in your Google Docs? A box of old projects you completed while in school? Some vintage emails with long lost business plans? What’s hiding in the contents of your attic?

Take inventory of past ideas, objects and “concepts on the drawing board” that have been stowed away. When you do a physical or digital inventory of the past, repressed spiritual gifts and abilities can be unearthed. 

Old dreams may be where some spiritual gifts and talents are hidden, because they are part of our true self, which we sometimes hide buried away from others. 

4 – Identify what comes easily to you but is difficult for others

What feels simple and easy to you, but is hard for other people to wrap their head around?

You can identify this by other people complimenting you on what they are impressed that you can do. It can also be identified by noticing a theme in the job roles you’ve consistently been hired to do.

What is easy for you can be something nerdy and intricate, or it can be something that you presume “everyone knows.” 

It can also be something that you see as “just for fun,” yet when you present it to others, the topic goes right over their head.

Concepts, activities and undertakings that are simple to you without effort, can be a spiritual gift.