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111 Healing Affirmations – I Am Affirmations For Vibrant Health

I Am Affirmations For Vibrant Health

Healing affirmations are a powerful way to support manifesting vibrant health and miraculous healing within your mind, body, and energy field using the power of your mind.

To begin … Find a comfortable and relaxed position where you can begin to move your awareness inward.

Become aware of your breath and with each breath in, feel that you’re drawing in light, warmth and healing energy into your body

And as you exhale …

Let go …

Breathe, relax, and as you listen to or repeat these healing affirmations, allow yourself to feel gratitude for the healing which is already happening, and now in the process of miraculously manifesting in your life.

Just allow, the innate healing ability of your body to be awakened and activated within you now.

The .MP3 Meditation of these Healing Affirmations is available for members of The Angel Solution under “Meditations” > Affirmation Meditations.

Prefer to read the Healing Affirmations? Keep scrolling down!

Healing Affirmations

I Am Perfect Health
I welcome love into every cell of my body.
I am open to the Grace of the Divine
I now give myself permission to experience perfect health.
I Am Divine
Every cell in my body now vibrates with light in perfect vitality
I am now embodying total wellness
I manifest perfect health with easeI Am Healing Affirmations

Every cell of my body is filled with light
Every organ and system of my body vibrates with love and perfect health.
I am the essence of miracles
I welcome miracles into my body and life.
I am grateful for my vibrant vitality
I am receiving the blessings of healing at this moment
I am worthy of ultimate health
I am open to the Divine Blessings pouring in all around me.
I am greeting my mind and body with compassion.
My body radiates with love and harmony
I now release all the unhealthy stories I’ve been telling about myself and my body
My body is strong and resilient.
I am now giving myself permission to experience perfect health
I am so grateful for my body.
My immune system is healthy and strong.
I am flexible and balanced.
I love and approve of myself.
I welcome myself fully with compassion.
I am living in harmony with life
My immune system functions perfectly.
I am joyful and centered
I am vibrant and alive.
I am a powerful creator
I now welcome ultimate healing.
I am surrounded by healing light and energy.
I allow myself to harmonize with vibrant vitality
I feel great.
I am relaxed and open to an abundant source of healing.
I am ready to release all that no longer serves me.
My every cell shines with love and harmony.
Infinite energy flows through my body.
I am renewed in this moment.
Love now washes over my entire being.
I welcome perfect and ultimate health in body, mind, and energy.
I am vibrant health now.
I am grateful to my body.
I am ultimate and perfect health.
I am enjoyable to myself in this very moment.
I love myself.
I treat my body with kindness.
I am attuned to the wisdom of the universe
I welcome the divine perfection of my body
I am grateful for all the blessings in my life.
I am joyful and healthy
I am kind.
I release the past and trust that everything is unfolding according to divine will.
I am blessed with health and happiness.
I love and nurture myself.
I release the past and welcome the blessings available in this very moment.
I am ultimate health
I am healthy
I am centered and present
I recognize the divine perfection in every moment
I love myself.
I Accept myself.
I am love.
I am a divine being
I welcome Divine Light and Health into every cell.
I harmonize with my perfect body.
I am divine perfection in manifestation.
I am vibrant and resilient.
I love and honor myself exactly as I am.
Every day in every way I am getting better and better.
Life loves and supports me.
Life force is circulating through my body bringing harmony.
I welcome the divine blessings available to me now.
I welcome the healing light of the angelic realm.
I know my body has miraculous self-healing powers
Every day in every way I am getting healthier and healthier.
I feel vibrantly alive and well
I am full of energy and vitality
I honor my body as a sacred temple for the Divine.
I am an embodiment of love.
I love my body.
I am thankful for my body.
I am thriving.
I see the Divine Perfection of my human form.
I respect myself.
I am precious
I now transmute all discordant energies in my field.
I allow love to harmonize and raise the vibration of my subtle bodies.
I am a being of light.
I have a healthy mind and a healthy body.
Thank you for my healthy body.
I am in perfect and ultimate health.
My body loves me.
I treat my body with the utmost care and respect.
I honor the wisdom of my body.
I welcome perfect health now.
I am now awakening the healing gifts and abilities in my akash.
I activate Divine Perfection in every cell.
I welcome myself with tenderness and love.
I am supported by the entire angelic realm.
Every cell in my body now vibrates with light in perfect vitality
I am now open to receiving Divine Grace and Healing
I feel at ease in my body.
I learn my life lessons with grace and ease
Divine intelligence flows through my entire being.
I see myself in perfect health.
My body has powerful self-healing ability
I am so grateful to be alive
I choose health and happiness in my life.
I am healthy, happy, and whole.

Thank you, thank you thank you.