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My 2022 Reader Survey Results

I asked my readers and members what you wanted, how, and how often.

Here’s the results of the survey, and what I will be sending, in what format, and how often.

You’re going to see changes based on what I’ve been told is wanted.

While I’m going to change what I create, and how often, I’m also working on technology that will give you as many options as possible to customize content and frequency to your personal preferences.

Sound good?

See below for some of the personal detailed notes I received.

Thank-you so much for contributing your preferences, you do make a difference :).


The Top 10 topics

  1. SELF-REALIZATION & NON-DUALITY – oneness, inquiry, Love, reality, the Self, Truth, enlightenment, Birth and Death
  2. DREAMING and AWAKENING – dreaming, waking up, unconsciousness, mindfulness, movies in the mind, human condition, experience
  3. HAPPINESS and SUFFERING – Alchemy, inner peace, attachments
  4. DRIVER’S SEAT OF THE MIND, conscious awakening training
  5. MENTAL HEALTH – thoughts and feeling, mind, beliefs, behavior, fear, stress, thoughts, addiction, depression, drugs, suicide
  6. CINDY’s EVENTS – Webinars, Courses, Retreats, Membership, Challenges etc
  7. MILESTONES on the path from ego to enlightenment, help moving forward
  8. CINDY’s QUOTES, inspiring images and sayings
  9. SPIRITUALITY – ACIM, ego, enlightenment, faith, devotion, God, Surrender, religions
  10. CINDY’s favourite quotes and videos from other teachers

Most Popular Formats

  1. Video – By far the most popular!
  2. Reading
  3. Audio
  4. Social – By far the least popular!


Most Popular Frequency

  1. Weekly
  2. Daily
  3. Monthly
  4. Sporadically


Additional Comments Received

I would appreciate help dealing with anxiety, root causes, (mind, I know), and ways to change thought patterns (mind movies). Thank you for including your followers in your decision process.

I am interested in everything you gift no matter what format or content.

I love you, that’s all. 💜

How to live with regret: significant consequences resulting from poor choices that seem to fit a pattern over my whole life. These thoughts are debilitating – unable to improve because I have a hard time believing in anything or anyone anymore. Isolation due to presence of pandemic has led me to just live in my head to avoid causing problems for others.

I like audio podcasts that I can download & listen to anywhere & at anytime. It’s what I use to do with Batgap. I haven’t had a lot of time this past year but hopefully that will change this year. If things work out this year time-wise, then I would like the opportunity to review this survey. three months down the road.

I like all your stuff, so this is hard to narrow!❤️

Much gratitude for your loving service!

You are Wonderful and I Love You Dearly and Unconditionally!! I used to be more involved, but over time I became involved with groups and kind of drifted off. I’ve got more irons in the fire than is healthy so I’m starting to let things go that no longer serve my wants or needs. Thank You Cindy for all you’ve done and all You do!!

Your works are good, it might not be always required but also should not miss the most valuable, I like to be one among those who like your work but who don’t follow often. Each on life move in their own direction, good might arrive at any particular moment its not good to just focus on one thing. In modern age anything can help and also might be overdoing. Well wishes.

I ended up selecting almost all the topics because I am interested in them… probably not very helpful though! I just read or listen to the items I have time for and ignore the rest if I’m short on time.

May this yield the Highest Good to ALL….

I have severe hearing loss, so reading is best. I checked all of the above because I have a lot of spiritual interests. Do you still have a course for home study? Thanks so much.

I am grateful to have found you online. Thank you for your love, support, and teachings!

I love how you teach, I truly aspire to have your level of consciousness.

I appreciate your knowledge & sharings. However my life isn’t routine & health challenges or working/babysitting, etc can interfere & things come up so i can’t consistently follow through. So I do what I can. As well, I have been involved in other personal growth activities for many years and am often spread thin financially. Or a time conflict. Thanks for your deep caring, clarity, compassion& sincerity Cindy. Blessings

I think I need more of mental health and life skills content, especially since nothing good seems to be happening in my life. Sometimes I feel like exiting the world. And I love videos but bundles have become a challenge, so audio and reading can do for now.

I’d probably prefer to just read the best book you’ve written on waking up (preferably a recent one).I did peruse your published books about 2 years ago.

I need guidance for finding what I am.