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Stirring the Pot!

 (Note: The  following is mostly pasted from  daily posts on FB – for those not on there. For those who are, sorry for repetition)

Rather than push any particular point of view – Astrology (at its best) examines planetary influences on current events from a neutral, non-partisan point of view. Of course no one is without bias, yet it is important to try to stay neutral so you can make up your own mind. Information given here is for that purpose only.

Today the Moon opposite Pluto reveals secrets and hidden information. As Mercury makes up lost ground – after three weeks retrograde – it wants us to face the shadow side of communication, information and mass media. (Mercury on North Node- Collective Destiny point – squared Pluto) This means information comes forward that has been hidden that effects the collective (i.e. all of us)


A Mars, Jupiter, Pluto T-square can be very challenging energy (literally). Warrior Mars stirs up aggression and anger, Pluto triggers power struggles and wants to dominate, while Jupiter is arrogant and magnifies everything. This could manifest internally or externally; either way ~ battles or endings may occur.


We may be serious about communication but something has been blocking our ability to talk about it. That may begin to clear up now. Of course the other option is to step (or run) away from the drama. In the end, sometimes things just are what they are. For some it’s best to walk away and fight again another day (choose your battles!).


 For other’s ~ this gives us the energy to blast through obstacles … and accept the consequences!


Always look before you leap! Neptune (obfuscation), was a huge factor the last few years, making it challenging to get at the truth. Today, Neptune (trine Moon) supports the revelation of truth rather than lies. It will help us ease into things gently.


Pluto speaks to power systems. So, for example, I just came across a video (there are many) by an established Dr/teacher/researcher looking at the most recent evidence around the long term effect of the CV shots.  I rarely post stuff like this as I prefer to stay neutral, yet this is so apropos of the current energies,  I felt I must. Amongst lies we were told: that there is nothing in the medical interventions to do with genetic engineering –  the spike protein does not leave the injection site etc etc.  Seems we still need to question everything. 


Mercury Pluto wants us to have all the facts that have been hidden. I find it tricky to post something like this as I don’t like to get into heated debates. Just sharing info … decide for yourself,.  I’ve got to say though, that three years on from the Saturn Pluto conjunction that started this all off (fear, dread, death, survival),  I am still shocked at the lack of general discernment to be witnessed in the majority of the population with respect to all of
this. Of course people were scared and trusted the medical system and the WHO etc 
~  and the news media certainly pushed a certain narrative  ~  they never let up, pummeling us with fear and censoring anyone who challenged the ‘facts’ …  and those that did were labelled conspiracy
theorist and shamed, shunned, vilified. The backlash against anyone daring to question the government
and mass media  amplified the fear factor,  so that most people (not all) complied. Of course there ere also many who just ‘trusted the (so called) ‘science’.  (check out the released Pfizer files if you want to see what the ‘science’ actually said).  What a crazy time to be alive. So I am not here to say what is true or false,  just following the planetary imperative to question everything (with Uranus/Mercury/Sun together in my chart-  I can’t help myself )


The last few years of chaos triggered so many to go along with these debatable and potentially dangerous strategies  – and to attack those who questioned the dominant narrative. Alternative solutions were blocked and those promoting them were punished- doctors lost their license, YT sites were banned and de-monitised, and anyone who questioned it all was labelled anti-science. This is important to acknowledge if we are to learn from what continues to occur.


There are so many points of view, it is easy to switch off and not bother, yet at this is a time of global awakening, it is imperative that we keep our eyes wide open if we want to gain insight and understanding around what is going on. Power mongers are always at it,  manipulating us, starting wars, instilling fear so they can control us. Luckily,  there are heroes in the seaweed: real scientists and individuals with no profit motive or corporate agenda, and although their warnings may make us uncomfortable… it is an opportunity to  face our fears (Pluto), 


Remember, an enemy identified is better than one hiding in the shadows. 


Mars (the warrior planet)  is still stirring up trouble – first with Pluto (the destroyer) and now with Jupiter (expansion). This intensity can help up blast through obstacles ~ and yet can also cause them ~ if we are not careful. Necessary changes are coming – sometimes there is an adjustment period before we settle into new territory. Planets at end or beginning of any of the sings are being affected by this. 


Mars in Cancer  is about our emotions, our family, our mother or children.Mars will defend the home front at all costs. This is about action, anger and aggression, and also desire: what we want, what we go after. Pluto is all push and  compulsion, determination, intensity. As an outer planet it moves very slowly ~ thus digs deeply and brings powerful transformation. It often involves a shadow aspect- something we have been unwilling or unable to face. It is said that the outer planets, if not faced and integrated, act on us as fate. Pluto with Mars is ruthless, full of rage, very determined. Think martial arts.


And Jupiter expands and magnifies. It has to do with both travel, education and justice. Are you getting an education in justice?


Speaking of fate~ because Pluto is at 0 degrees (which is considered a public point) and is in Aquarius (society) as well as at right angles to the Collective Destiny Points (Nodes of Moon) this could indicate some sort of important cultural event or shift, perhaps in relation to the above discussion, as information that shakes us out of our comfort zone.


The area of your chart these planets are moving show where a significant wake up or change may take place. This doesn’t have to be negative- in fact,  change is often a good thing,  For example, my niece has left her home (cancer) and career (security) to set off on an adventure to work overseas. This takes courage (Mars Jupiter) and determination (Pluto).  She will be separated from her cat and her family, including her own beloved niece, so there are emotional  adjustments to be made(square angles require adjustment).  Something lost, something gained. So- the point is, losses may be occurring, yet they are making way for something new to enter our lives. An astrology reading can help you understand what is going on in more detail, and give you some perspective on your life at this time. Do get in touch if that is your need. Email info on side panel.

Meanwhile, deep breath, eyes straight ahead.  It is raining gold (life force). Find the gold hidden in the shadow. No one gets out of here alive! So let’s make the best of it while we are here! 


  You know you want to 😉

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